Cardtoon 2 by Dan Harlan

Cardtoon 2 by Dan Harlan

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This is one of the most commercial card tricks of all time. A deck of cards are removed from your pocket and any card is named by your spectator (no force) the chosen card is removed and placed face up on to the table. The cards are now turned face down to reveal a little stickman printed on the back. The deck now acts like a little flick book. As you riffle down the cards the little man gets into a cannon, gets fired out with a deck in his hand and the little man's cards drop to the floor. He is left holding one card, he turns the card over and it is shown to match your spectator's selection! A great card trick for kids or adults 

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Cardtoon 2 is brilliant, great reactions everytime! As a beginner I did find it hard to get used to the main move but im sure with a bit more practice it will become more natural.

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