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Cataclysm Armageddon

Cataclysm Armageddon

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For the first time Brian shares his pet handling for this Killer of mental card magic


And as an added bonus and with kind permission Mark Elsdon has included his incredible follow up to Cataclysm called Devastation. 



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Customer Reviews

Jim Lutz

I was recently in New York City and had Cataclysm demonstrated to me at Tannen's Magic. Disbelief, shock, total befuddlement is all I can say. I watched the DVD and was in love with effect, especially with all the tips on how to present this. I demo'd this to a few friends who all said pretty much the same thing..."WTF!" I work in a high school when not professionally performing magic. I showed this to some teachers that teach college level Physics, Calculus and Stats. They were blown away. The Stats teacher figured out the odds of me picking his cards and it was over 100,000:1. (the odds may be different but still tens of thousands to 1 of predicting this). He was stupefied. Kudos to Brian Caswell and Alakazam. Love you guys here in the states!!!!

Gary Brown

So, telling my sleight weary wife that I had given up sleight heavy card magic and was focussing on memory work and the ability to potentially forecast events, she bought that bluff and I showed her this effect (her thinking it was a genuine 'experiment'). It completely blew her away - albeit she soon realised it was of course a trick....Brilliant, brilliant effect.

Bill Richards

Killer routine. Nothing more needs saying.

Tom G

I don't normally say this but.... OH MY GOD! This effect is an absolute killer. The reactions I have got have been incredible, especially at corporate events and weddings. They just love it. It is so simple to use, and when bought with the Devestation Deck, the effect becomes even stronger and keeps the spectators guessing even more. This was worth every penny, and you can be assured of the quality and presentation of the DVD, thanks to the fantastic work Alakazam Magic continue to produce. Thank you so much Brian Caswell for one amazing effect and Alakazam for providing it. A gem of a magic trick that I guarantee will not dissapoint!

Nicholas Day

As usual with Alakazam magic, this is another amazing effect which is very easy to do, and always kills the audience. I use it for walkaround, instant reset, and it never fails to please. Sometimes people do ask to see the deck, but a quick deck switch makes the effect even better because it allows them to examine everything!

Brian Egerton

One of my favourite tricks. Very easy to do and always gets a fantastic reaction. Trilogy tends to lose the audience if they've had a drink. This is very clean and simple. - Fantastic.


this a great effect i used it in a close up proformance they thought it was the best trick of the night and none of them worked it out.


Awesome!! Use this after performing Trilogy and together with the B.I.P Book!!! The people won't believe their eyes, and when you use the heirloom wallet, you are so clean at the end! BUY THE HEIRLOOM WALLET!!!

Dave Wood

I started using this effect at the restaurant and to be honest, combined with the BIP book there is not a lot else you could do to top this. It simply blows people away. I have started revealing the small phtograph provided from a sealed envelope via my JOL wallet. Its a killer!

Mark Higgins

Absoluteley fantastic! This is an incredible effect that is going straight into my act! I have also adapted it for more informal situations by having the photo on my iPhone. I highly recommend!

Stephen Giles

What can I say that the others haven't.rnThis has got to be the trick of the decade.rnrnIt should sell for the double the price (and I really mean that)rnIt's just Brilliant.rnIt deserves 6 stars!

Raymond Doetjes

This effect sucks! It is horrible do not buy it! It is a waste of money, believe this please! rnrnThat way I am the only one who will be performing it, it is horribly cool! It gets great reactions, people actually want to keep the picture as a memento. I do the Grail and Triology both get awesome reactions but this leaves people for some reason completely stupefied!rnrnI love it!

Neil Bradley-Smith

I received my copy of Cataclysm on Wednesday and it's fantastic. I tried it out on my girlfriend today and she loved it. The reveal is killer! As well as the 3 card reveal there is also another feature built in to the photos to use in conjunction with the BIP book (which I may well have to buy next!). One of the best effects I have bought in a long time! Thanks Peter!

Adam Smith

Recieved Cataclysm yesterday and performed it 5 times last night, what a killer effect, a must have for all. Well done all involved. Simple, direct and so strong.

Steven Holt

I received my copy of Cataclysm through today, and I'm more than delighted with it. This effect has so much potential. Easy to do as well, even I can do it. I've not made the cards up yet, but will do them later tonight. The dvd goes into great detail and has been well thought out. It's hoted by Peter Nardi, and he makes it easy to learn the effect. There's also a bonus section as well for people that own the B.I.P book. Looks like I'll need to rebuy the B.I.P book after selling it last year, idiot that I am. rnrnCataclysm is a must have. I have the original Triliogy effect and I think the spectators will find this easier to follow. If you don't have this yet make it your next purchase, you won't be disappointed. rnrnWell done Peter on another great effect.rnrnAll the bestrnrnSteven Holt.

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