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Commercial Killers By Chris Congreave Instant Download

Commercial Killers By Chris Congreave Instant Download
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The Alakazam Online Magic Academy are proud to host Chris Congreave’s Commercial Killers Course

Chris will be known to many of you for his creations including the best-selling Childs Play which is in the repertoire of working magicians from around the world.

The reason why Chris’s releases to magic community are so popular is because he is a professional magician and totally understands which effects play well and exactly how to use them to get the best reactions.

On this course Chris will teach you some of his commercial killers, his heavy hitters that he uses when he’s working.  Not only that but he will even teach you a couple of items that he hasn’t even released yet.

If you know Chris you will know this is going to be a fun night full of great effects, fun presentations and priceless tips and advice.

Don’t miss out on the amazing course, book your place today!

Drawn - A super commercial trick that leaves spectator with a cool souvenir and the performer with an intact deck.

Redrawn - imagine a brainwave effect but with a great "hook" and an examinable pack

Double Prediction - Add a few gaffs to a regular pack for a great double prediction effect

Dunbury deluded - A Gary Jones classic given a brilliant and funny finish

Childsplay- Chris's uber commercial card effect used by working pros the world over. 

DICEption- dice and cards a brilliant prediction effect 

Card to lanyard- This certainly is an attention grabber! A super-slick, easy to do kickback routine

Card at number- Not only is this a commercial crowd pleaser BUT if you're looking for a sure-fire magician fooler this is it!

X rated Monte? - A 3 card Monte effect with a naughty finish...

Marked deck - A great routine that will fool and entertain.

Pocket Interchange - an easy and extremely deceptive version

Can’t make the date or time?  

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**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus may be subject to change without prior notification

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Customer Reviews

Adrian Shattock

what a brilliant course, thank you Chris and of course the Alakazam team, top notch entertainment with some great tricks and routines fully explained and lots of invaluable advice on how to approach gigs and act as a magician. If you are reading the reviews and you are still unsure, just do a course, believe me you will love it. Another 10 out of 10 course 👏👏👏

Nicolas Cheng

Amazing Course. Chris teaches fully streamlined commercial routines - easy to do with maximum impact. The effects taught are easily worth the price of the course itself, and Chris also gives practical advice on performing in the real world. Highly recommended!

Mick Wilson

Wow, what can I say that hasn’t already been said in the other reviews here? If PS4 is for the gamers then this accedemy course is for the workers. If you missed it, then you definitely missed out. Nuffi said!

Phill Evans

Just brilliant. Chris has his own unique take on magic and tons of experience. The effects were amazing and the advice was priceless. I've never worked tables but this academy session goes a long way to help you get started on the right foot. I wasn't going to go for this one as I've already done Z2H and have signed up for the next John Carey but, after seeing the live, I just had to sign up. So glad I did. Thanks again all involved and especially Chris

Brian Stewart

This is my second Academy course and it was another absolute blinder, full of excellent very commercial routines that Chris uses all the time. Chris was able to pass on his many years of experience in the real performing world and share some of his best tips and humour. There was plenty of content to suit all abilities over a very enjoyable three hours. Now looking forward to the next two courses and really kicking myself that I missed the first course. Another great, fun and very professional learning experience - well done Chris and well done Alakazam.

James Wilson

I'm a complete magic novice - literally a few weeks into it. I asked advice about this course as to its suitability for beginners and I was assured it would be fine. I have to say that I was very pleased with the tutorial and certainly with the price. There are some things that I'm sure I will be able to pull off with a little practice. My only criticism would be that there is an assumed knowledge when it comes to certain terms and expressions, so as a newcomer I was a bit perplexed at times. Even a basic explanation of each term would have been useful. Overall though, very happy.

Richard Morris

What a fantastic lecture Chris has an easy going style and fantastic routines and some lever moves I’ve not seen before. What more could I ask for, for my first visit to theAcademy. Well done one and all

Darren Snelgar

Amazing just Amazing well worth the money. Great effects and all workers and easy to do. Thanks Chris great night.

Jamie Daws

Chris course was absolutely dynamite! For workers, the digressions and tidbits throughout were absolute gold! Working material with advice for anyone wanting to work in the trenches! If you missed this, make sure you attend when it is next shown! You will not be disappointed! Fantastic evening well done to Chris and everyone involved!

Alexander Ross

Could Not ask for more! About the best spent 3 hours worth I have invested for ages! Thank you Chris & All at Alakazam

Steve Black

My only regret is that I did not sign up for the huge first Academy by Mr Carey. The Academy has just got better and better.Peter and the team have come up with a superb concept and invested both money and time in delivering fantastic quality..Today's lecture has been delivered with humour and professionalism.The information is valuable and the tricks taught are of the highest quality. The value is awesome !! I don't recommend effects to others because the choice is so personal BUT with the Academy I recommend it to everyone. My advise is don't miss out !!!!!!!!

Richard Groom

Loving Chris’ course. A tonne of practical advice. Great tricks worth much more than the price of admission. Chris is such a nice guy too, a pleasure to spend an evening in his company. Keep em coming Alakazam!

Tony Dawson

Just reached the half way point and already we have got more than our moneys worth. Great effects and some top tip for workers. REALLY looking forward to the second half and what it will bring, well done Alakazam and thanks Chris.

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