Common Scents by Peter Nardi

Common Scents by Peter Nardi

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Ask a lady to choose a card with a perfume bottle pictured on it and wipe across her wrist. By smelling her wrist you can instantly tell her which perfume she chose. A great trick for the ladies. 

Very easy to do!

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Customer Reviews

Roy Smith

What a fantasticaly amazing and strong effect. Was performing wihtin 10 mins of opening the packet on my partner who is not a magic fan. She was convinced there must be real smells, never seen anyone react so instantly. Was so funny. This will be in my wallet all the time.

Trevor Sampson

just got this after seeing it on the alakazam live , what a loveley packet trick and so easy to learn .....carnt wait to try it out

Stephen Manford

I can not believe how strong the reactions have been from this little gem! It's brilliant! I bought this last week as I wanted a new packet trick to play with. I had people smelling their wrists and getting others to as well. They have no idea how its done and it's instantly repeatable.

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