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The Alakazam Online Magic Academy are proud to host Dave Loosley’s Creative Collective 

Dave Loosley is a professional magician who understands how creative thinking, hard hitting magic and a warming personality can entertain even the toughest of audiences.

During this Live Online Academy Dave Loosley, joined by guest host Jamie Daws will take you through some incredible tried and tested routines with cards and every day items and along the way will teach you some new applications for some old principles in magic which you may have overlooked in the past. Dave will be discussing his thoughts on creating magic, how to take your magic into the real world and his ideas on structuring routines. He will also show you how he brings multiple gimmicks in and out of play during a performance and how to transition between effects.

As a bonus you will also get the full brainstorming video where you see the effects come to life. Including how Peter Nardi's Colour Psy-Key evolved and improved by the use of LEGO!

Tricks you will learn.

Loose Change

This has been Dave’s go to Coin Routine for the past 10 years which is both practical and incredibly visual.

What a Joke

This is a slick three phase routine with a signed card and two jokers (one for the card guys!)

Rise and Find

Rising card meets a sandwich routine all with a regular deck of cards.

S.D Overload

This Principle is one of my all-time favourite utility applications that should get you thinking creatively the moment I reveal the secret.

Boomerang Coffee

This is an impromptu coffee shop effect which practically works itself and uses 3 ordinary Coffee sleeves.

Never Again

Never Again is a prime example of how you can take an effect and use it as inspiration to create something that suits you as a performer.

Colour Psy-Key

Peter Nardi's take on the 5 keys plot. A routine that has been put on the back burner until now and boy did the brainstorm session breath new and exciting life into it!

Plus, Much Much more!

Not only will you learn practical and hard-hitting magic but Dave will take you inside his mind as he shows you his creative process all while demonstrating an exercise that you can all do at home to get your creative minds going.

This course has been created with the Alakazam Academy in mind and will showcase many ideas and effects of which I have kept to himself until now.

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Customer Reviews


Dave I finally completed watching your Alakazam course. I enjoyed the addition of the Brainstorming session between you, Peter, and Jamie. I was fortunate to rob my children of some of their Legos, but in a good way since my children have several large containers of Legos. I’m continuing to put the pieces together to build my Brick Keychains. Continued success...

Andrew Sherratt

Great Lecture Dave !,Very entertaining and educational. Love looking at everyday things and creating new magic with them .

David Bamber

What an amazing Academy presentation , well done Dave , one of the best ALAKAZAM purchases I have made . only watched half of it so far , missed the live due to technical probs , so impressed with Dave`s teaching method and the amount of magic he shared with us , inspirational ...

Chris Palmer

what a great night< thank you Dave for some amazing ideas, i was really looking forward to this lesson and was over the moon at the end of almost 4 hours of fantastic material, plenty to be getting on with, well done can't wait for the next installment

Scott Clark

A great course, plenty of ideas. looks of theory. and soon an empty bank balance.....only kidding. i will be buying the lego key routine.

Phill Evans

I'm enjoying this course so much. Dave is a bundle of creative energy. The ideas here are so devious and so much fun. There's some real gold here aimed at the working magician. I'm learning so much. Really inspired. Great backup from Jamie and the team too

Olaf Schäfer

My first Academy course and it is mindblowing great ✨

Mark Scott

Dave Loosley is a natural born teacher, absolutely loved this! This was also my first Alakazam Online Academy course, what an excellent format. Will definitely be back for more!

Richard Morris

I Dave this is extra special for me I was speaking to my wife about I two months ago so she offered to get it for me for my birthday which, was 11th March so I’ve been looking forward to it. And I have to say it’s the best money she’s ever spent I love the way you’ve not only performed some stunning effects but also that they move seamlessly from one to the other. I wonder just how many people would have just gone out on a shopping trip and come back with a load of ordinary stuff and truly turned them into something Magical ....Good on ya matedqsj5j

Kevin Bowman

A truly brilliant evening, and only half way through. I can honestly say that this is the best Academy that I have purchased so far. A truly enlightening and thought provoking course. I will be looking at items in stores in a totally different way now. The brain storming clips were a great addition. Great trick, idea's and indepth explanations. A Truly MAGICAL and BRILLIANT evening.

Mark Gandhi

10/10 really enjoying this.Looking forward to the 2nd half.great work dave.

Lindsay Sharpless

Fantastic Academy by Dave, kept me entertained throughout. Learnt some great tricks and it’s given me a few ideas. Loved seeing general everyday items used to make magic tricks (already made up my own key ring/prediction trick as had the bits laying around). Dave is a great teacher, explains everything thoroughly and has a great sense of humour! This was my first academy and I will definitely book on more. Thomas Sharpless

Brian Stewart

Unbelievable!! Dave Loosley's course really highlights the differences between the Alakazam Academy courses and any other "lectures" currently available - there is simply no comparison. What a way to learn how to create and perform tricks from simple self working to others that are worth putting in some practice. The usual high production values of these Academy courses really shine through - full performances to an audience and then a detailed explanation including superb overhead camera shots. If you haven't tried an Academy course yet then you are really missing out.

Alistair Gill

The Alakazam Academy continues to go from strength to strength. The team have done an amazing job to seamlessly blend live performances, live explanations, VT of Dave, Jamie and Peter preparing for the night (which I really enjoyed!) as well as moderating comments and helping viewers with any questions. We shouldn't underestimate how much effort goes into producing content of this quality in a live situation. As for the magic...well Dave is a superb magician and a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed his performances and explanations. I loved his innovative ideas for some standard magic items we all have lying at the back of the magic drawer. Highly Recommended!

Alexander Ross

Dave Loosley's Academy Live was in my opinion one of the very Best that I have attended' and I have attended quite a few. The concept and presentation of Dave's course has been amazing and so much has been taught that it was well worth the time effort and what is a very small cost for so much tuition to all who invested in the academy and this course in particular. Thank you Dave!

Dave Johnson

Absolutely Brilliant!! Always had problems linking tricks into a routine. This has taught me to think outside the box and how to use everyday objects to come up with my own things!!! Thanks to all the team!! will defiantly be looking at other online academy sessions

Philip Coulson

Wow! This is the first Academy Live session I have ever bought but it certainly won't be the last. Well over 3 hours of effects and ideas. Skilfully taught and inspiring me to get practising with things I already own. Brilliant effects with easily acquired items too. Easily well worth the money!

Richard Groom

Now this is a really fun one, with some great magic and insight from one of my favourite of my favourite people...Mr Dave Loosley. Had more than the cost of the course even in just one new way to use a stripper deck. Great course and really thought provoking ideas. Well done everyone involved.

Anthony Wighton

Very impresive and full of great ideas! Great to see Dave's performing style. As always the Academy is best place to learn and be inspired! If you haven't signed up to one yet what are you waiting for? Ten of Ten!!

Neil Bird

I just had to come here and post a quick review and say a BIG THANK YOU to Dave for sharing his effects and presentation tips with us on this ACADEMY LIVE. This was my first LIVE session that I have taken part in and it was simply brilliant. I laughed out loud, I've picked up cards to try out moves and will be watching this back over and over to practice afterwards. Cheers Alakazam !!

Steve Knight

Dave you are truly outstanding I thought your penguin lecture was great but this fly’s to a whole another level. I would as far as to say GENIOUS!!!!

Tom Rolfe

An incredible range of illusions and ideas is shared in this course. I'm so inspired to try new things. Thank you Dave!

Scott Paton

great course. the photo tag and effects possible with S-deck is amazing. love lego and great effect.

Roy Brown-lowe

only half way through and already had more than my moneys worth part two is a bonus brilliant dave

Dan Ives

I love taking every-day objects, and looking for new ways to use them for magicial purposes for some completely 'organic' and unique magic. It's great to see performances and thinking using these types of things. Alongside this, Dave has taught some real working material, that I already want to incorporate into my work and practice. Highly recommend this live, well done Dave.

Steve Hansey

Brilliant evening. Full of ideas and new magic. Dave Loosely is a brilliant magician, very easy to understand and follow. You will learn a lot! Highly recommended!

Steve Black

This academy maintains the superb quality that we have come to expect.We see Dave every week not always realising what a fantastic magician and true professional he is. The premise is great. I have learnt so much and am really excited to use the material. Highly recommended !!!!!

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