Decisions by Mozique

Decisions by Mozique

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A simple yet unbelievable demonstration of predicting your spectators actions!!

From the creative mind of Mozique comes Decisions. An incredibly organic looking test of precognition. A simple yet unbelievable demonstration of predicting your spectators actions! Using two cards one with the word NO and the other with the word YES hand written on the face, you set your spectator some simple challenges. No matter which way your spectator decides to go you are always able to correctly predict the outcome. 

Includes routines by Mozique, Peter Nardi, Looch, Ran Pink and Richard Bush

Decisions is a self working mental miracle taking you back to what Mentalism should be, simple, direct & pure! 

Each precision gimmick is beautifully hand made by the undisputed king of gaffed cards Rob Bromley. 

No Sleight of hand required as the special gimmick does all the hard work for you, leaving you to concentrate on the presentation!

Decisions is a Utility item designed for the discerning mentalist and is limited only by your imagination!

Decisions comes complete with gimmicks, training DVD and a PDF containing some serious killer routines

***If you would like to customise your Decisions for a particular routine or to use in your own language please choose the blank version

  • Custom Hand Made Gimmick
  • No Sleight Of Hand
  • No Funny Moves (Only one card on the table)
  • Totally Examinable at the beginning and end of the effect
  • No nail writing or dry wipe
  • Instant Reset
  • No Sticky Cards, No Magnets or R & S, No Elastic or Flaps
  • Gimmick invisible even at close range
  • Instantly reset for a repeat performance!  

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Customer Reviews

Thomas Barnes

Great effect, haven't used it as much as i thaught but working on that!

Mark Ash

Well I bought this a few years ago and didn't realize that it was back in stock. I liked it so much I have 3 of them. Fantastic and nobody has caught me on it.

Stephane Schoetens

Honestly not happy with this. Gimmick to thick (visible) and fragile. After 1 week my gimmick felt apart. I had to glue it. I have greasy fingers which makes the system quickly visible to the spectator. Quite expensive for what you get in my opinion. No, not for me this one. :( :( :(

Christian Fisanick

Using Decisions makes me feel like Derren Brown. OK, I'll never be Derren Brown, but what an inspiration to watch him befuddle Stephen Merchant on a TV special by using an earlier version of this gimmick. And what a slick gimmick it is. This is so clever that it should be illegal. Corinda and Annemann are toasting this idea somewhere in the afterlife because it completely fits in with their principles, simple, but oh so deceptive.

Hywel Jones

Simple mentalism trick but so effective. Have used it several times one to one and in crowds and it's worked fantastically every time. Beauty is in laying down one card every time there's lots of opportunity to build a story and suggestions around how you're guessing their card as there's no opportunity for a switch. Love it

Dean Humpage

Superb ,i was worried the gimmick would be noticable ...not a chance if you switch the gimmick in and out of play letting them turn the opposite card to see there choice must be wrong as you turn yours at the same time hides any chance of them seeing anything not that they could but really will make them believe theyve handled everything on the table i just love it .dean .

John White

This really it basic mentalism at its best. Having just taken it out the box, i really had to look at the gimmick very close to see how it works. The quality of the gimmick is second to none and the routines supplied are very clever too. I am not one for writing reviews but i just couldn't stop myself from recommending this fantastic item. Well done to all involved in getting this to market.

Alan Lycett

Once again a big thank you to Alakazam for excellent service. Purchased this originally when it first came out 2007 I think, just purchased another not because thee is anything wrong with the first set, just want to further enhance one of my routines. Amazing thing is I mixed the 2 sets up and I cannot tell the difference between my old set and the new set, . Excellent effect, just make sure your hands are perfectly clean when using and from my experience should last forever. Thankyou Alan Lycett


This piece of magic is awesome!!! You can't believe how brilliant the method and the gimmick are! I only bought this because of Ben's good review, so please start to write reviews on the products you purchased, they're a big help to choose the right products. Buy this, you will get crazy about it and you will use it hundreds of times, because it is so strong and just fun to perform!!!

Ben Cardall

How much high quality powerhouse mentalism that is so direct and simple can you create with just 2 cards? answer, seemingly endless amounts. The booklet contains a multitude of amazing routines from modern day wizards! the gimmick is superb again rob bromley outdoes himself! and once i learnt the method the i deas just seemed to pour out of my mind faster than i could perform them! A truly outstanding purchase! i love it! i love it! and i only bought the routine for the yes/no game a couple of days ago, iv performed it at least a hundred times and it never misses!

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