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Espionage Wallet Kieron Kirkland


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Kieron has created what many magicians have hailed as the holy grail of wallets! The Espionage is a secret weapon that even James Bond would be thrilled to own.
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Customer Reviews


In my 40+ years of magic experience this is the best wallet I have ever owned. Highly recommended.

Callum Martin

The best wallet I have ever used. I have the Infinity, and the F1 Nitro and they are great, but after buying this, there is no way I am using them again. This is simply perfect. I have been using the espionage for two weeks now and the mileage that you can get out of this is incredible. As always, a great product from Alakazam.

Steve Morton

Another delighted customer here. I've been using it for some months now, and it's showing no signs of the wear and tear you'd expect. It's well worn in now and feels fantastic and handles beautifully. It's by far my favourite wallet. Steve


Fantastic piece of kit and had the pleasure of Kieran giving a live demo when I bought it. I've used it at every opportunity since watching the DVD and impressed the hell out off people so far. It's easy to get the hang of and so adaptable to new routines. Love it!!! Cheers Kieran

David Abel

Excellent wallet and excellent service once again from Alakazam. Received the wallet a day after ordering. It is a cool looking wallet, I even had a spectator mention how nice it looked! The accompanying dvd features some great routines...loved Peter's Psychic waiter effect. I also really liked the "informal feel" to the dvd - the brain storm way they explored the capabilities of the wallet. So much can be done with it. I rate it so much, I've just bought another one. Brilliant

Gregor Hellberg

I get my wallet today from a german dealer, and must say, that I've seen better Wallets before! I also have the Stealth Assasin Wallet and the F1 and prefere these wallets! I bought the Espionage Wallet, because I thought, I can putt some effects together. Yes I can do that, but the handling takes some time to get used to. Then - If I putt all my Creditcards a.s.o. in the wallet, its soooo big! No place for other things! Maybe I must play and work a little bit with that wallet... Maybe I will change my mind about it. But at first only 3 Stars for a "Allday-Wallet" I hope, the magnets dont destroy my Creditcards ;-) Sorry Peter - at first, I cant say better things about the espionage! I wished, Peter and Marc would have explained the effects on DVD! Regards and sorry for my bad english Gregor Hellberg/Germany

Kev G

"Awesome" is the only way to describe this wallet. I was actually really surprised how slim it was when I got it - looks like a normal everyday wallet that you'd keep in your back pocket. There are so many genius features that you are really limited to your imagination. Thankfully there are loads of good ideas on the DVD for the less creative types and some great ideas keep coming from the likes of Gary Jones on the Facebook group - your second point of call after watching the DVD!

Peter Rees

Absolutely brilliant and probably the best effect that I have bought - ever! Really excellent tip-top quality wallet, very clear DVD and a device that can be used in a vast number of ways. There are a very good range of routines presented but huge scope for developing you own..... Cant recomend this highly enough!!

Paul Underwood

All I can say about this wallet is that it is Outstanding and a must for any mentalist/ magician. It has a multitude of killer features resulting in the perfect working wallet for any situation. This wallet has huge potential and is of a great quality. I do not want to give away the clever features but I guarantee you’ll love the subtlety behind them. The layout to which you can place cards such as credit cards and business cards is fantastic, no matter which way you look at it. You’re notes easily slide into it and even a little coin zip section too. Such genius the way you can retrieve information from this wallet and easily hold and put things into it on so many levels. It is a genuine looking working wallet. The DVD you get is great quality and really only scratches the surface on what you can do with it, but it’s a fantastic introduction to the superb magic and mentalism that can be done with it. I can only say it is a must own wallet and you will not be disappointed. It is great value for money and I am so glad to have one.

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