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Essential Carey 2 DVD Set By John Carey

Essential Carey 2 DVD Set By John Carey

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Alakazam Magic are thrilled to announce the release of a brand new 2 DVDs boxed set by the Alakazam Academy's "Core Tutor" John Carey. 

In recent years John has become internationally acclaimed for his streamlined and practical approach to card and close up Magic and has travelled all over the U.K, Europe and America lecturing on his style of magic.

If you want powerful and commercial magic that isn't going to bust your fingers, then look no further! Carey has cherry picked 20 fabulous items with cards, coins and even some Mentalism for your entertainment and edification. There are no pipe dreams here. Every effect has been tailored to entertain and fool people and we just know you will love the thinking here.

There is so much variety in this collection, including Stealth Assembly which John Bannon called a Neo Classic. This is the cleanest un-gaffed four ace assembly you've ever seen! 

Carey's approach to the classic Chicago Opener will enlighten you as to how he thinks differently in working on a well known plot. 

If you like coin magic,there's a beautiful rendition of the classic Traveller's plot but with four signed coins. 

These are just three of the twenty items performed and taught in exacting detail and we just know you are going to love this collection!

Disc 1

Chicago Style

Ambitious All The Way


Closed All Day

Gemini SMS

Sandwich Trilogy

We Have A Winner

Crystal Thought Redux

They Call Me The Seeker

Pocket Money

Disc 2

Homage To Rioboo

Princess In My Pocket



Little Vernon

Think Again

Ambitious Interchange

Hooked On You

Bullets On The Table

Multiple Bluff Control

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Customer Reviews

Brian Clarke

Arrived yesterday, there are at least 3 effects I can add and use for Close Up evenings.

Dazza B

This is an aptly-named release, because if you have any interest in card magic, I'd say this is essential, it's as simple as that. In his usual affable fashion, John performs and then talks you through - with the help of Mr Nardi, Sarah and Matt - a set of seriously impactive effects - I am only on disc 1 at present, and for me, CAAN CAAN and Crystal Thought Redux are standing out. Where a specific cut, shuffle, force or sleight is required, John talks you through them but, as Peter Nardi himself says, many of these effects are almost self-working. They are, in short, extremely entertaining, extremely effective and, quite frankly, extremely essential. But then, what else would you expect from King Carey? Highly recommended.

Steve Black

It's John Carey say no more ! Some lovely routines that are taught superbly. Excellent Alakazam production values as usual. This is certainly going to keep me entertained over Christmas. Recommended !!!!

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