Exact Change Gregory Wilson

Exact Change Gregory Wilson

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Our First Batch of Exact Change sold out in just one hour!  This is really awesome and its going to be in my pocket at all times.  We now have this item in stock ready to ship "Peter Nardi"
 "As real as it gets!" - Banacheck
"A beautiful perfect thing." - Paul Harris
"That's #@&^ing amazing!" - Bob Cassidy
"This fooled me entirely! I'm an instant fan and want to do it asap!" - Joshua Jay
"You fried me, I want to put this in my repertoire immediately!" - John Kennedy
"I love being fooled! How do I put this in my next TV special?" - Cyril

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Customer Reviews

Pierre De Lasteyrie

This is a great piece of magic/mentalism. The routines are endless and the DVD is really well made with a contagiously enthusiasticly and fantastic Gregory Wilson. A slight disappointement because "it says on the box" that it works fine with euros... euh not completely... Let's say that instead of 1-100 cts of € it's more a 1-94 cts of € for my best fit (which is better that what recommended GW) but with a slight sleight of hand you could even reach 1-194 or even more. It needs a lot of practice, practice, practice especially in quite environment but also in your "BS" as this will really condition the reaction you'll get. And this BS needs to be perfectly adapted to the audience... Practice practice practice !

Martin Cook

Amazing, easy to do and great impact. Lots of routines possible, even can be used with iphone that's impressive.

Wayne Goodman

wow wow wow, something i dont ever want to leave home without, do not over look this

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