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Expansion RED by Daniel Bryan and Dave Loosley

Expansion RED by Daniel Bryan and Dave Loosley

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"Expansion is like a cartoon which has come to life, and just like in the cartoons the spectators' eyes will pop out witnessing it! Love it"! Gary Jones

Daniel Bryan, Dave Loosley and Rob Bromley have joined forces to bring you this super visual, totally eye-popping and 100% commercial effect!

Expansion has to be seen to be believed, it really is an absolute perfect close up effect.

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Customer Reviews

Paul Morley

I held back on buying this when it was released not sure why but since i have bought it and been practicing and then performing the effect it has got great reactions such a different cool card trick and people buy into it . the gimmick is excellent a must buy


This is quite simply stunning! Sure fire trick that is going to get you the reactions you crave. May seem alot £24.99 for this but trust me the gimmick is beautifully made you can see the work that has gone into it. Highly recommend this.

Jonathan Todd Excelsior

So good it hurts! This is just as good as magic in a bar or one on one gets. Can do it surrounded. It just looks like a TV effect. It is easy and smart! Highly recommend,

Nicolas Cheng

The trick is a great routine and easy to perform, and having tried it out on several people I can say it plays well and entertains. The gimmick is well hidden but seems a bit delicate compared to similar tricks (eg. STC) perhaps due to the design of this trick.

Craig Morgan

Well made gimmick! Very good for close-up!

Bill Richards

Like to many magicians who have seen this, it is pretty clear how the effect is achieved, and as "astonishing" as the effect might be to the spectator, they kind of lose something for me. I'm not doubting the reactions that this will get from spectators in the pub or club, because I'm sure that many people will be floored (especially after one or two sauces have been taken). It's just the fact that the card has to be swapped in and out, and for me there is absolutely no reason why the card needs to be put back on the deck at any point during the performance. Maybe performing live in a club type environment many will be able to engineer a reason for doing this, but that's the kicker for me, the reason has to be engineered. So, what do I think of the effect .... I think it looks great, and it will fool many people. I think it is most likely going to be a real fooler. Is it for me, however, I don't think so.

Lindsey John McDowell

Great trick, gimmick is masterfully constructed as per usual with any Rob Bromley gimmick. It's one of them tricks that offer 10/10 on visuals but require very basic sleights so it's definitely a winner. The dvd is short and sweet but very thorough and everything is explained perfectly. Highly recommended.

Ross Montgomery

The craftsmanship of the gimmick really is first class, I was actually surprised how hard it is to tell that the card is gimmicked (even though I know the secret and staring right at it!) I will use this along side Tag by Chastain Criswell and JB Magic as it also uses a hole punch for the effect.

Adrian Bush

very visual piece of magic you will get great reactions I love it.

David Jonathan

The bar bet routine plays well, and more importantly, it adds the necessary reasoning behind the strong visual moment. Rob Bromley has outdone himself with this gimmick- the quality is exceptional. If you like what you see, you will not be disappointed in what you receive.


First review folks go easy on this trick is great! DVD Production Quality 5/5 chapters with performances and explinations Gimmick Quality 5/5 i wish i could have other gimmicks made like this...freaking invisible! after watching the video i have shown this to a few people and fooled them great trick!!

Dr.Mike Highton

When I first saw this effect I had that moment "what the !!!!" A visual masterpiece. Beautiful and credible performance piece that will supply magic, wonderment and puzzled looks. An absolute gem. 'A mini black hole has migrated to planet earth? Dr. Mike Highton

Geoff Lucas

DAMN, I was hoping I was the only person performing this. Dave blew my mate Mike and me away, we cracked up when he performed it as we were not expecting the outcome. Beautifully made gimmick, a great idea/ routine and will work nicely with STC. EASY TO DO. buy a hole punch on e bay for £1. 50 and get performing.

Alan Rogers

Great trick. Very visual a great worker. Can't wait to start using this. Another great product guys 4n

Gary Brown

Arrived today - not disappointed. This is a great little trick; the gimmick is made superbly (as you would expect from Rob Bromley). After I initially ordered, I did think that blue may have been the better option and that the red gimmick may be more noticeable; I didn't select a colour and was issued red by default. I was wrong in my thinking, the red gimmick is flawless. Easy to get in and out of, straight forward and direct. Love it!


A flawlessly made gimmick with routines on a dvd with the usual high quality filming you've come to expect from Alakazam. The handling is super simple and the gimmick easily controlled, this could remain in play or discreetly added to the deck. Not something I would use all the time but a nice piece of comedy and a good way transition a set from cards to coins

Ross Warnett

The gimmick very well made as usual from Alakazam and Rob. like the puzzle angle used in the video

Steve Black

I think this could be a great opener because as Peter explains the gimmick can easily be ditched.The gimmick is superbly engineered and although this is not self-working the sleights are basic.The price is correct because of the quality of the gimmick.The routine Dave teaches is great and I love the bar bet type scenario.As usual Alakazam provide a code that gives free access to any future routine ideas.Recommended.

Sven Nilsson

Great trick, I got it today , cant wait

Anthony Anderson

I love this so much, simple yet amazing to lay people,This is definitely a worker, I think the only downside is that there is no hole punch included, it could have easily been made better by adding one of those small punches that take no space in your pockets. Otherwise It is a great product and will get great reactions from people, and more importantly it ends up clean.

Dean Humpage

Awesome idea love puzzles ,not something i would use as a mentalist performer but for the close up guys this is super cooland another win a pint at the bar trick gimmick looks great nice price to well done alakazam .dean

Adam Evans

I have to say love it this is going in my set for sure 🎩👍👍

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