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F1 Wallet Nitro Edition BLUE

F1 Wallet Nitro Edition BLUE

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Product Demo

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**When you purchase and F1 or F1 Nitro wallet you also receive a FREE streaming video (accessible in the "My Streaming Videos” section of your account) This video teaches a great card to envelope method for the F1
The new F1 Nitro is a true utility wallet that is only limited by your imagination. allowing you access to features never normally seen together in one wallet. It's so versatile that your mind will overflow when you realise the possibilities.  
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Customer Reviews

David Phillips

I've wasted more money on wallet s than I care to admit. I took a chance on this as I am always looking for things that make my life easier. I love this wallet and is the first one I've ever carried as a normal wallet. Every time I do the signed card to zippered compartment in this wallet, I have to hide the smile as to how easy it easy and how this wallet makes the miracle happen right in their face. I could not be more pleased.

Roger Sohn

Amazing wallet!! Imagine a card to wallet that the spectator really does hold the entire time.... Not to mention a peek wallet function that you never have to open a second time.... Also the lethal tender effect is indeed lethal... Best investment I have made...A 15 minute routine in one wallet!


What an amazing wallet,I was mulling over should i invest in this wallet ,well all i can say its the best money ive spent on a magic product in years,very good quality leather,and fantastically constructed.the amount and variation of productions this wallet is capable off is endless,ill be busy for weeks looking at new the presentations i can now do,may even be able to incorporate an amazing addition to screen test with this as well.

Steve Justice

I am a complete novice at magic and after reading reviews of the F1 nitro I bought one. what a fantastic wallet very very easy to use for a novice. Been doing the gambler trick and it looks fantastic when performing. well worth the money.i will be using this wallet for my everyday one. Thanks Alakazam for a brilliant product.. steve.

Brian Izzi

This is a fantastic product. It has a super fast load, peek, out to lunch all in one. It has fine leather, plenty of slots and space for cards bills and other tricks. This is my first wallet and couldnt be happier with the choice I made. I looked at every wallet out there and in the end this was my choice and definately the right one. Its true this is an everyday wallet. Alkazam customer service is superb with quick response to every email i sent. Cant say enough for Alakazam

Yoosik Ethan Oum

I use this as the closer for my busking routine, and I've done it at the last strolling gig I had. And it always kills! This wallet and gimmick is so clever and awesome!

Jarmo Glader

If you are looking for superfast No palm CTW effect and you can live with some gaff's this one is THE Wallet to you. Superfast and reliable - the audience don't have any change to see how you perform for example Peter Nardi's great "Phantom Card". Highly recomended!!!

Jakub Mičín

OK, first let me say that this is the best magic prop i have, and the second I got it one hour ago,just four working days after i ordered it from the Czech repubilc. Much faster than I expected,both the load and the delivery:D, so really well done Jason and Peter for bringing to us this awesone wallet. I have a tons of application in my head when I am playing with the wallet. After ten minutes I can load the card like true sleight of hand master:D even twice I had to look on the back of the wallet if the card is really there!! So really good product, I like it so much....Highly recommended ...the mentalism features are just really nice touch to the awesome wallet....10/10....

Michael Sturman

Lightening, Flawless and way too cheap!! I went to sleep with a smile on my face knowing I had this gem in my armoury. Best trick I have bought in a long time and I buy way too much lol. Well done alakazam this is quality to the highest order.

Michael Sturman

I have spent so much money on magic props and the worst feeling is thinking that cost was not justifiable. With this wallet you can rest assured it is worth every penny, in fact you kinda wish it cost more, putting others off from having this gem. It is flawless and absolutely lightning. I have had so many amazing reactions of disbelief when they take their signed card from the zippered section of this wallet. The quality of leather and craftsmanship is outstanding. My only reluctance of using it as my everyday wallet is the gimmicks may interfere with my credit cards. Alakazam have served up an absolute winner. Thank you

John Anders

Thuis item is far to cheap and I mean far to cheap for guys werking in the real world! Sell your goldfish, your bicycle or whatever and do yourself a favour and get. one before it's to late! Excellent idea and if your creative you Will creatie your own routines and baffle everyone!

Sam Hughes

This wallet is so, so clever. I use this at literally every gig I have because it ALWAYS works and gets unbelievable reactions. This wallet has got me repeat bookings and on certain occasions has been the difference between a potential client and a client. Just buy it. There's nothing more I can say. 100% :)

Peter Nardi

Review taken from Genni. April 2012 Reviewed by David Regal Time flies. It seems like I just reviewed Jason Rea's F1 wallet, and here's an improved, souped-up version that is better in every way. For those unfamiliar with the F1 wallet, it is a highly gaffed no-palm card-to-wallet that transplants a system originally devised by Alexander De Cova into a small (appx 4"x5") black wallet. The "Nitro" appellation is appropriate, as the original gaffs have been unquestionably improved and made more sure-fire. In addition, this wallet comes with a plastic slide for those who wish to use it as a typical (palmed card) card-to-wallet, plus several excellent peek features, a small index, and an "out to lunch" principle built in. Finally, the wallet's design allows for the type of instant changes and transposistions made popular last year with other marketed effects that involved gaffed card boxes etc. This is a real weapon, a wallet that could easily contain a short act, one that's at the ready any time you are asked to perform. Considerations: If you already own an F1, you will envy those who have a Nitro edition.


This wallet it AMAZING. It is just great. I had the original f1 and I didn't think it could be improved, I was so wrong, the f1 nitro is not only the fastest card to wallet that is now more accurate that ever, it is 5 wallets in one!!!!!!! you MUST get this wallet

Neil Colley

Fantastic! Anyone debating about getting it don't hesitate it really is a little gem I only brought mine just before Xmas so haven't tried performing with it yet but will be sure to add it in asap vv easy to do and a nice quality wallet to use day to day. Thanks guys at alakazam ! Great product and service

Kevin Bowman

I have the original F1 wallet, and have just recieved the new F1 Nitro version. This really is a beautiful wallet, I didn't think that the original could be improved this much. The guys at Alakazam have surpassed themselves.

Luca Volpe

I own many of the wallet produced from alakzam and this F1 Nitro, I am sure will be another winner!

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