Feeling by CHH Magic video DOWNLOAD

Feeling by CHH Magic video DOWNLOAD

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This is FEELING.Each movement is completely natural.You let the audience pick a card, and have them memorize the card and draw something on the card. Then without ever seeing the card you tell them to put the card back in the deck. Lastly when the card is hidden in the deck you tell your spectator what the card is and what they drew on the card.This trick is very easy to do.There are no suspicious objects, like a wallet, bag, envelope, or box.You just need some cards.If you don't like to use playing cards, you can put the idea into any kind of card, like blank-face cards or business cards.This trick has no reset.Once you have finished performing and you can then do this trick again immediately.Just put the cards back and your ready to do this trick again.1. Easy to do2. Each of movement is completely natural3. No suspicious objects4. Any kind of cards can be used5. No reset

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