Get Nyman DVD by Andy Nyman

Get Nyman DVD by Andy Nyman

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"Andy Nyman is my favorite mentalist in the world. His performances are an absolute joy, full of punch, humour and superb acting. Watching him work has taught me a huge amount about how to make my performances have more impact." - Derren Brown


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Customer Reviews

Phil Macleod

Cant believe I haven't bought this sooner. I really like Andy Nyman's approach, effects and general ethos. sound guy, great routines. the dvd quality is not the best Alakazam have, as mentioned before. which shows how much they have invested in production, (no reflection on the content) as it was filmed a couple of years and tech has moved on.. Its still a great dvd to have. I am going to use some of the ideas without question.

Simon Watson

Why haven't you bought this already?? Scared??? Don't be, it's flippin' brilliant!!! Well worth every penny.


this is a great DVD packed full of routines and ideas! the only thing about this DVD that I disliked was some of the explanations were missing. such as on no way out! he fails to explain how to get the prediction actually onto the wallet! also there is to much talking during explaining the working of the trick its self! I just kept shouting at my TV saying just get on with the trick! not Alakazam's best DVD but still one for the shelf!

Chris Rawlins

'Get Nyman' is a brilliantly produced, packaged and presented dvd set and it's contents are whitty, funny, clever and unbelievable! Nyman [Being Derren Brown's Writer] produces everything from psychological Card routines that play big to impossible seeming almost 'confab' predictions...[Deep red prediction], Not only is this dvd full of unbelieveable and usable material, it is cram packed with extras. We see Nyman eating fish cakes whilst Marc Paul interviews him about his opinions, advice and ideas. The fantastic dvd set is full of soooo much energy from nyman. Its a pleasure to watch and you will learn endless amounts from just his performance style, his patter and his subtleties. The effects are strong and contemporary and could easily be performed in the real world. Whats great about Get Nyman if how detailed every explanation is, no stone is left unturned...arming you with mehtods to seemingly manipulate, predict and control a spectators thoughts and actions. If you have not purchased this yet...your missing out on a modern classic! As always Alakazam were of great service, stick with them and you can't go wrong! Please....GET NYMAN! :)

Sean Galloghly

This is an absolute must for any mentalist! I have had the previous released for a few years now and I must confess that I still watch the show disc from time to time because it's very entertaining. The explanations are brilliantly done in conjunction with some nice banter with Pete Firman and Ali Cook, which keeps the mood light and keeps the pace moving along nicely. The fact that you now get the 'Hidden' cards thrown in too is a fantastic bonus - I had to buy mine separately!!!


I can't speak highly enough of this DVD. We've all purchased magic DVDs for £30+ and taken away maybe one thing to use. Here you get lots more than that. I would not consider mentalism to be my favourite aspect of doing magic but after studying Andy's DVDs there are several mentalism effects I use now on a regular basis. You get to see him perform a whole set of effects to a live audience and then he talks through the effects with Pete Firman and Ali Cooke which is just so funny as well as educational. There's also some great advice on audience management which I took a lot from. Certainly in my top five magic purchases ever!!

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