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GONE By Daniel Bryan

GONE By Daniel Bryan

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Easy, Powerful & Visual. The Perfect Packet Trick Is Here!! 

With GONE You can create 2 incredible moments of magic right in front of your spectator’s eyes.
After displaying five random cards from a pack, you visually cause one of them to vanish! You now place the remaining cards in to your spectators hands and explain that you are now going to do the impossible and cause the final 4 cards to vanish, after a moment of concentration you tell the spectator that all the cards are now gone, they are not impressed as they can feel them between their hands however when you turn the cards over all that is remaining on the faces are the letters G.O.N.E!!

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Customer Reviews

Ben Green

Brilliant trick, great price, awesome reactions. Highly recommended

Francis Clarke

Great little card trick, good buy I recommend it. It went straight in to my routine.

Andy Richardson

Good trick. Gets great reactions


A really good, visual effect that is really easy to learn. Great Reactions and is really simple!

Steven Holt

This trick comes with nicely made cards. I like the effect, but for some reason I just can't get this going. I know it's down to me as it takes me a while to pick things up these days, I'll get there with it. It's another great wee packet trick once I get it going. I like packet tricks. Once I get this going I can add it to Simplex Monte which I got last. That'll be a couple good packet tricks I'll have now. I'd recommend this to anyone. Steven Holt

Dazza B

Awesome effect! Takes minutes to learn, and so far has produced several jaw-dropping reactions! Well worth the money. Simple, very easy to do, yet very effective.

Steve Black

Simple with great impact.Easy to do and I too think the handling devised by Peter just adds to effect.

Dan Marsh

Received Gone when I arrived home from work at 10.30pm. By 11pm I just blew my family away. It is so easy, yet so damn powerful. Love Peter's extra handling by producing the disappearing cards from your back pocket. This is a true worker, simple yet dynamite. Don't dally....ruddy well buy it.

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