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Guaranteed Win by Andy Smith

Guaranteed Win by Andy Smith

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"Guaranteed Win is a strong effect. A lot of thought has gone into the handling here which pays off with a smooth and very visual routine which is not too difficult to do. Well worth a look." -Phil Sweeting - Bicycle Cards.UK, Reviewer

Guaranteed Win is a visual packet effect with a really cool gambling theme.

Four Jokers ( The Wild Cards ) transform to match a selected card!


The duplicate cards visually change in to a Royal Flush in SPADES!

Andy has created the perfect multi-phase transformation effect that is not only easy to do and easy to follow, but has an instant performance hook and quick reset.

With its gambling theme and the awesome visual changes, this will be a GUARANTEED winner in your close up set.
Comes complete with
Custom Printed Gimmicked Card On Bicycle Stock
Training DVD
*Just add your own ungimmicked cards

"Andy Smith’s "Guaranteed Win” has, at its core, the bones of a really solid card trick. " -Brad Henderson, Genii Magazine

"A great theme and a real fooler." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"If you are looking for a gambling themed routine that is not heavy on the gambling portion, you may want to invest your time and money into this offering." -Jamie Salinas, M-U-M Magazine

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Customer Reviews

Tom Rolfe

Very visual illusion that is well taught by Andy. Even beginners like myself can have lots of fun performing Guaranteed Win.

Steve Black

First of all delighted that it comes with a DVD and not just a download. This is a great effect well taught. I hope Andy releases a longer DVD soon. Congratulations Andy on your first release!!!!

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