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Hes Not Here By Jamie Daws

Hes Not Here By Jamie Daws

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He’s Not Here is the third installment in the Jamie Daws Dark Series.  While a haunting story is told your spectator is drawn to an image of a man in an old photograph.  As the story unfolds the full dark legacy of the tall man is revealed. The man appeared to many and his appearance was always followed by death. Yet no physical evidence of the stranger was ever found.  Was your spectator staring at a ghost??

He’s Not Here is a clever yet haunting effect with a chilling tale, beautifully weaved throughout.

It’s easy to perform and will certainly send a shiver down your spectators spin!

He’s Not Here comes complete with all props and full instructional DVD which as a bonus also includes a full explanation and routine for Jamie’s highly regarded Torce Force 

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black

Another excellent release. This is clever and really easy to do and best of all it appears to happen in the spectators own hands !!! The props are superb and the DVD well produced. The teaching is short and more than adequate. I REALLY like the fact that Alakazam provide a DVD and not download instructions. You get get a bonus effect that is also V Good and the usual registration code for FOC ideas when they are added . Highly recommended !

Andrew Ace

I pre ordered this after being very much interested in Jamie's work. Over the years I always wanted to get into this kind of bizarre haunted magic and I know Jamie's Dark Series has been something people either love or don't like due to the length and story telling that goes along with it. I love the story telling so this is perfect for me & after all these years I just ordered Scream, The Deceased and Pre ordered this He's Not Here. I don't have a comment for the quality of everything or the actual item, but I know alakazam's work as I am sure you all do and it is always the most superior work you could ever find in magic. I wanted to write this to encourage those interested in pre ordering this to do so as I think you really will be happy with great spookiness to add to your set. I look forward to receiving this and the rest of Jamie's Products as well as the Academy course I signed up for. I will post another review when i receive He's Not Here & Hope you all take advantage while it is still here, as there will be a day shortly after coming out from all of the sales that It wont be here! Enjoy Thanks Alakazam & Jamie Daws ! Andrew

Mick Wilson

I purchased this effect when it was originally released in 2013. This by far my favourite effect by Jamie, no make that 2 favourite effects by Jamie as the second routine that is included, Forgotten, is also a splendid routine to perform. If you like performing magic that is accompanied by dark tales then this should be right up your street. The darker you make this one the better it gets. Both routines are very easy to perform allowing you to ramp up the performance. The booklet the original came with was extremely clear and concise so you know how good the Alakazam DVD is going to be. I have to be honest and say I'm gutted that this is being re-released as up until now this has been one of Jamie's accidentally best kept secrets for 4 years since it slipped under the radar upon release first time around. 10 out of 10 Buy it it, freak people out and enjoy it.

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