Imprint DVD and Gimmick by Jason Yu and SansMinds

Imprint DVD and Gimmick by Jason Yu and SansMinds
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What is it like to go beyond our dimension and sneak into another? 
Sounds like Hollywood type of special effect, except now you get to show people LIVE IN PERSON.

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black

This is typical of SansMinds.On the front of the DVD AND in the ad copy they show a coin passing through a bill in profile.THIS IS NOT PART OF THE EFFECT.This should therefore not be included and is misleading,The DVD does not show how to do the effect with the Rubiks cube.The main effect is designed for use with the US currency and the routine with chocolate is v clumsy A great deal of hype combined with a poor DVD and deceitful ad copy = Don't Bother!!!! .

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