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Inevitable by Brian Caswell

Inevitable by Brian Caswell

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In this effect the behaviour of a spectator is predicted not once, but three times over. Your spectator examines a blank faced deck of cards. On six of the cards you have drawn symbols - two cards with a circle, two with a square and two with a cross.

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Customer Reviews

Keith Williams

I purchased this effect years ago, and recently started using it again. So glad I did. It blows everyone away I show it to. It does work much better with a Blank deck. Instead of counting cards I've put a tiny pencil dot on the front of the appropriate Blanks so you know instantly where the ESP cards have to be inserted,also a tiny pencil dot on the back of the Symbol cards.I find this helps to make the trick run smoother. I also find that initially dealing the Cards in the Dealers grip,if the cards are dealt Lengthways Thumb on top instead of Sideways Personally I find it easier whilst holding a Pinky. A Fabulous trick. Thank you to Brian Caswell and Alakazam for Putting this out. Keith Williams.

Stephen Beresford

I hope I am allowed a second bite of the cherry but this is such a good effect I can't resist. I would recommend buying not just a red backed blank faced bike deck with Inevitable but ESPerfect too. The backs and faces are the same. I segue from ESPerfect to using 3 of the ESPerfect red backed cards with the matching 3 of the 6 cards supplied with Inevitable. A "female intuition" patter for both is great if there are suitable participating spectators - up to 4 if you combine the two. In answer the handling point raised in an earlier review you can use say 3 rather than 12 (if you own the effect you will know what I mean) and I have not found it detracts from the effect in any way.

Stephen Beresford

Brilliant! Everything is examinable and there is no reset. I recommend this very highly. To get maximum effect make sure you have a red backed blank Bicycle deck - or order one with it. Yes, you can use a standard deck but it's rightly said on the DVD that the punch is much bigger with a blank deck. The only changes I make to the excellent routine shown on the DVD are: (1) to emphasise that I am placing the 1st set of symbols in locations as predictions of what the spectator is about to do (2) when placing the 2nd set placement to perform the 1st placement at the spectator's chosen location expressly as a demo of what I shall ask the spectator to do in just a moment and (3) to let the spectator perform the deals for the placements of the final 2 of the 2nd set of symbols. No spectator management is required beyond, perhaps, reminding the spectator that (s)he shouldn't cheat by peeking where I put any of the 1st set. That variation stops the spectators from thinking that it was just (!) some clever sleight of hand that they missed. I have had great reactions with it - the effect could have fairly been called "Inexplicable" because that is exactly how spectators see it.

Ian Skeate

As a relatively new but keen hobbyist I can recommend this as a trick that needs some practice but which is definitely worth the effort. At my level (beginner veering towards intermediate) it's at the upper level of my handling ability. Dealing the cards isn't any problem for me. I find counting whilst talking to be the difficult bit! I guess that comes with practice! I've had some brilliant reactions and great that everything is examinable so even the most suspicious spectator is satisfied and baffled. On final thought. The effect is very adaptable. I recently did a version where I got cast members of a show to draw their character on 1 card and an item or other character associated with them on another and used these to be the pairs which went down very well.

Gary Pearce

Q U A L I T Y : D this is good , easy and gives a strong effect ,well done


Simplicity rocks.

Steve Conlon



Firstly,let me say thanks to Alakazam for their exellent promt service..I purchased this effect " inevitable " and i can honestly say it is brilliant. I have purchased many effects over the last 20 years or more.. But this is one of those best value for money effects you will get for under £9 it it easy to do, But most of all it is a powerful magic effect,it will fool anybody,Lay persons and Magicians..A very clever principle, and entertaining effect.....rnrnGraham.....

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