Inscrutable 1 By Joseph Barry

Inscrutable 1 By Joseph Barry

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Every so often someone walks through our door at Alakazam and I instantly know we have something special.  From the moment Joe showed me his first effect I was totally hooked!  Joe's magic is devastatingly fooling, interesting in presentation & best of all achievable to us mere mortals. I am so proud to be able to offer you this fantastic 2 disc collection by  Joseph Barry "Peter Nardi"


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Customer Reviews

Mike Hosker

Order this through the Alakazam store on Amazon having seen Joseph at the Bristol Day of Magic. Absolutely fantastic. This set is great value for money, everything from almost entirely self working stuff through to complex items for the serious card geek! Joseph is an exceptional magic thinker and this is evident throughout the DVD. His work on the classic force is worth the cost alone. Stop reading this and add to basket immediately.

Thomas B.

Thank you Peter for your personal recommandation last Tuesday. My fav is "Prediction 1" which is simple but so stunning. This 2 DVDs are worth the money charged for - no doubt!!!

Olivier Rijckaert

This is a hit. "Rainman" and "They Match" are worth every pound (or euro) spent on this purchase. Then add 30 more routines and you get to the conclusion : this is a real bargain. The DVD filming and production is perfect, all routines are very clearly explained - Thanks Joseph for sharing and Peter for producing this amazing talent !

Joshua Blanksby

Fantastic DVD set I was completely blown away after the first four or five effects, the methods of the tricks are almost as good as the effects themselves and sometimes better, the thinking behind the method and patter is unbelievable, it's undeniable how nice of a guy joe is an it shows on this DVD, fantastic set worth more than double of the price

Alan Lycett

Had this on pre order for about a month and Alakazam were spot on with their release date and just like clockwork received following day. THANKS I've had the item for over a week now and I must say this is excellent stuff. Joe seems a really nice guy and Mr Nardi sits in for the whole of the tutorial watching and helping Joe with the instructional side of things. What I am looking for in these types of DVD`s are things I can add to my existing routines to weave even more baffling moments into them. For example I perform Lennart Green`s Rainman and from that I can now incorporate Joe`s take on it both so simple but utterly unbelievable . Many other stand out moments like LLL PEEK you are actually spreading the cards face up yet the spectator will take a card and blissfully unaware you are seeing the card they take. Also Mr Nardi cajouls a top card force out of Joe that should never have been shown and is not listed on the DVD so simple but never see it coming. Some brilliant material and a lot of small nuggets you will learn along the way, most of it is easy but there are a few routines which are more difficult, but hey who cares. If you don`t do difficult stuff and want an easy life this fits the bill. There are plenty of well if this was the only trick on the DVD it would be worth the price of the disc and there are many of them. EXCELLENT DVD EXCELLENT TUTORIAL PRICELESS MOMENTS MANY Very enjoyable and rewarding !!

Wayne Goodman

the word WOW is an understatement when applied to this dvd set. firstly let me say what an amazing guy Joe is, charming, funny and engaging, bringing everyone around him into the action. when he is working the cards i watched things that i (wrongly) assumed would take me forever to learn, in fact a lot of what he does is so easy in method its almost self working. Joe is also a great teacher and this adds to the dvd experience as i found myself watching the explanations and being so engrossed i forgot to learn what i was watching and had to rewatch and concentrate on the directions. well done and watch this space as i am pretty sure this will not be a one hit wonder, Joe Barry is a name to remember

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