Killer Elite Pro by Andy Nyman

Killer Elite Pro by Andy Nyman

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Nymans classic effect is now even better!  
A killer effect thats fits in your pocket and is more direct than a bullet from a gun!
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Customer Reviews

Phil Macleod

I bought the original when it first came out and saw Andy dem it. It was fantastic then and still is now. it has a great background, story interesting to one person or a group. I really think this is a modern classic !

Matt Shaw

This is a mind blowing trick which is so easy to do!! This is the first trick I go to if I want to impress and it has a stunning finish EVERY time!! You won't be disappointed and will take you less than 10 mins to master! Very clever kit!

Christian Fisanick

I love movies. Andy Nyman does too so this routine about famous movie bad guys was right up my alley. The method is fairly predictable for someone who has done mentalism for even a short time. But that's not a bad thing--it makes it easy to perform--and it's an effective little routine. Instead of using playing cards, do a packet trick with Tony Montana and friends. This is good stuff.

Gary Pearce

1.have you thought about buying it ? 2. don't it's awful ....sorry's DAMN good 3. nope it's bloody good ..f%*$ing good 4. please do not buy this give the others a chance ....AAAARRGGHH 5. top drawer magic , good , nice , ish , you will love it

Dean Humpage

Great for the lads they can relate to there fave movie gangsters,love how bold the mechanics are and so easy to perform,

Alan Lacey

Very easy to perform - nicely made pieces should be very long lasting and good size for pocket!

Chris Lomas

I will only highly recommend this. It is brilliant. Reactions are awesome. Small enough to go in a pocket and not take a lot of space too!!

Darren Bane

Superb! Was performing it almost as soon as I unpacked it. One of the first tricks I've bought where you don't really need the DVD - it is practically self-working. Very, very, easy to do, and yet, always gets a great reaction.


I watched the DVD and immediately performed this easily and effectively. Quality props, very clear instructions; this is extremely easy to perform, but nevertheless effective and entertaining. I'll be taking it to the office with me tomorrow as it's good to go, and will be in my pocket for some time to come. Superb.

Johnathan Horn

Very well made props and fits nicely in the pocket.Easy to do and remember.Kills every time!

Mark Foster

AWESOME! No need to expand upon, bit I will. The reactions you will receive will blow your mind, just like it did when I first saw this effect. If you are looking for an effect you can push to the boundary and beyond, well this is it. KiILLER effect.

Tony Razzano

Give this one 5 stars. I have only had it a few weeks and am really blowing people away ( ah, no pun intended). The story included is ok, and will work fine, but if you come up with your own story, this is really an excellent effect. It might look to you like the method is obvious, but it is not to laymen! I've done this several times outside in Times Square with great success.


Great Effect, really clever methods used here, Very clear instructions provided on the DVD. If you are looking for a trick which will leave people wondering for hours how you did it, I highly recommend Killer Elite Pro.

Pete Sotekirk

The original effect was really cool...but there was a problem..I couldn't carry it with me all the time...the cards were too big!! But with the new version...PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! It's one of the best tricks of mentalism anyone could have!! It's very easy to learn and with the right performance the audience will be blown away!!! EXCELLENT!!!


This is a real killer!! People go crazy, and I tell you, they don't get it when you show them the trick the second time...!! Really worth the money!!..

Luke Murray

best trick i've ever bought. U will look cool, I certainly did! Can do this impropmtu, its worth every penny

Gary Sumpter

I really like this trick, its a very theatrical routine (if done well!). Theres very little to remember, leaving you time to work on your acting skills!

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