Killer OMG by Paul Gordon

Killer OMG by Paul Gordon

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A killer observation test that is easy to do, very visual & funny, ends clean and re-sets instantly!

The surprise ending(s) are very magical! This really is a powerful worker!!!

A packet trick creates loads of magic, laughs and surprises; and all can be examined at the end. Four regular blue-backed Bicycle cards magically turn face-up one by one and then instantly are shown to have four very different backs. Special "eye test" fake card included as well as the cards themselves.

Killer OMG comes with everything you need to perform the effect and a full instructional DVD designed to get you performing this great effect in no time!

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Customer Reviews

Ian Schollar

I was looking for a fun packet effect which had a wow factor colour change and Andy gave me a recommendation, This is fabulous as its funny, easy to perform using a move most of us know or should know. The instruction is really good as well. Highly recommended.


Love this, it's kinda twisting the aces with a colour change at the end. Buy it.

Tom Rolfe

This fun packet trick gets great reactions. Thank you for sharing this Paul.

Brian Stewart

I absolutely love Killer OMG and it now has a permanent place in my wallet. It is very easy to do and gets great reactions from everyone particularly the killer ending where you end clean and can show the cards. What more can you expect from a packet trick!!

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