Limitless 3C By Peter Nardi


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"Control their thoughts and blow their minds. Peter Nardi has done it again…When does this man sleep?!?”Luke Dancy

"The title says it all. Limitless is one of the most powerful utility decks I have ever seen, opening up a world of possibilities, limited only by your imagination!” John Carey

"For years I have been playing with ways to psychologically implant a card in my spectators mind. I now believe I have created the perfect method” Peter Nardi

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Customer Reviews

Richard Furzer

First time I used this deck I got 3 bookings from 1 gig. Awesome, stunning and literally LIMITLESS in its applications. If you thought the invisible deck was good just wait till this drops on your door step. Best magic product I have purchased in literally years

Ashley McMahan

This is such a good product. I have been using it for a few days and got massive reactions from people. This is such strong magic. A great idea and so versatile, Peter and the guys at Alakazam have done a wonderful job! If you like magic, this is a must have item!

Adam Stephens

I got Limitless for christmas its the best thing since siced bread I love it totally workable fools people even my magic buddys if you don't buy this your loosing out on an amazing utility that allowes you to do so much well done Peter Nardi you done it again

Alan Morley

I have only owned this utility deck for less than a few hours from posting this review and I have already come up with 4 new effects this deck really is Limitless and added a few tweeks to the bonus footage.. This will defo be with me this friday and saturday night..

John Wootton

I purchased this, quite tentatively as I wasn't convinced, and it's BRILLIANT!!! I foolishly purchased the 7H only and after a few days of playing I realised the full LIMITLESS power of this trick, so I purchased the 3C reload. If your going to buy this then get the combo deal. The extra download video does give you some really good effects (love the dead mans hand trick) and these will encourage you to invent your own routines. If you think this is just another card trick....WRONG.....this is an essential bit of kit for your magic toolbox.

Stephen Manford

Quality!!! I love this deck. Tonight I had gig for spoken word event. Normal table stuff. I was asked to do a trick for the room at the start if the night. I had to follow 2 poets so I was struggling as to what to do as my cabaret stuff if more comedy so it wouldn't have worked. Saw my limitless deck in my case and went straight into the unconscious mind routine. this blew them away. I originally got this for close up but this plays BIG!!! Great job again!

Steven Holt

I had no intention of getting this as I feel I've got enough card tricks to last a lifetime. I got caught up in the hype, & this does live up to the hype of all the reviews. The DVD teaches you a few routines to get you going and the handling. I've not tried this out on anyone yet, but soon will when I get the chance to. It's actually very clever and has a lot of potential. The dollar bill trick on the DVD is my favourite. Simple but effective. If any one is in any doubt about buying this, don't be. Id recommend the 7 of hearts option when ordering for the gambling routine. I can see myself using that as well. That's a 10min act in itself. I've just registered my product code and have been very impressed with the hour long video extra routines that come with this. In fact, this is very good value for money with the extra streaming videos. I'd recommend this to anyone if they are unsure of getting it. It's been getting positive reviews for a reason. Highly recommended. S.Holt

Steve Cook

Devilishly devious and subliminally subtle! A really beautiful idea Peter, you've struck GOLD with this one! I only received it today, and already had a cart-load of ideas. Many, many thanks. Sincerely... well done Peter. Wonderful and very highly recommended!

Jonathan Nicholson

Don't let how easy this is to perform mislead you into thinking this is anything other than a superb utility deck. The effect is breathtaking! All my audiences have been blown away by even the basic routines. the added footage is also a gift of new working/routines that you WILL find something that suits your style. This will become a classic... Also would reccomend the reload. Because they WILL want you to show this to everyone.

Darrel Cooke

My best purchase for the last few years by far!

Adam Grange

This is too good! It's incredibly amazing easy to use and is so worth the money

Steve & Madeline

Another fantastic Alakazam product !! Peter has come up with what is in effect a utility prop that can be used in an infinite variety of situations.Great DVD and superb value! Looking forward to the extra ideas when they are streamed.! Buy this ASAP!

Giles Saunders

An excellent utility deck that opens up a world of effects. Looking forward to watching the streaming footage now.

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