Your Thoughts Are Mine By Looch (2 DVD Set)

Your Thoughts Are Mine By Looch (2 DVD Set)

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Looch is an innovator and creator, he utilizes both new and classic techniques to achieve mind reading demonstrations that are in a class of their own, he has consulted with some of the leading mind readers and mentalists around the world and performs at select events in the UK and Europe.

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Customer Reviews

Alan Lycett

Alakazam never fail me when they tell me my order has been posted, ALWAYS arrives next day even if sent just normal 1st class post, THANKYOU Was not really sure what I getting when I ordered this, but am really pleased I did so. There are 12 effects and knew it was a tall order to be interested in all of them, however there are 5 effects which are to me superb, INTUITIVE A Fantastic take on Rainman, now can incorporate this into my Lennart Green and Joe Barry routine. just what I was hoping for. WAKE UP Dr RHINE Excellent ESP routine with a nice easy sleight which can come in handy at other times, and this makes for an unbelievable effect. RV PROTOCOL Not sure about the first phase, holding fingers up, but 2nd phase this is a kind of follow on from INTUITIVE A and again very clever. PSYCOLORGY Nice routine obviously based around colours nice addition to colour cube routine, and Looch excells into giving spectators reason for choices of colours. THE HUSTLER If you are in and around pool tables on a regular basis this would be a brilliant routine to learn, and you would have to learn and practise it and perform on a regular basis to make it convincing, no good having to think about it, has to be slick and quick. unfortunately don`t find myself in these places now. THE COLLECTOR This is like something you expect from Derren Brown, a very surreal reveal at the end , I will use the word scary when the spectator sees what has occured, don`t mean it as scared in a frightening way, but more of how can this have happened,This would be fantastic at a restaraunt/dinner party. Not done this yet, just have to get some blank cards and do some simple drawings on about a dozen or so. These are my favourites but other people could choose completly different effects. Highly recommended Excellent value Excellent DVD and well explained Looch assisted by Mr Spellman and Mr Nardi

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