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Magic of The Masters 4 Instant Download

Magic of The Masters 4 Instant Download

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Join our core tutor John Carey with his fourth course revisiting some his favourite effects by some of magic's masters.  John is known for streaming effect and on this series John delivers you his take on Magic Of The Masters!

This course includes;

1/ Hellraiser - Peter Duffie
2/ The Exclusive Coterie - Erdnase
3/ Spectator on Stage - Randy Wakeman
4/ Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm Aces - Paul Harris
5/ Mental Fusion - John Carey
6/ Hands Off Oil and Water - John Carey


7/ The Homing Card - Larry Jennings
8/ Amazing Coincidence - Roberto Giobbi
9/ Stand Up One Coin Routine - John Carey
10/ Where To? - John Carey
11/ Mirror of the Mind - Jack McMillan
12/ The Upside Down Deck - Gibson/Carlysle

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Customer Reviews

La Ville Magic

Another great lecture from John Carey.Nice routines. Check out Magic of the masters 1 -2 & 3 also. Another great lecture from John Carey.Nice routines. Highly recommended.

Marcelo Rossi

wonderful course of 3 hours, killer effects, my favorite effect is the number 12 The Upside Down Deck - Gibson / Carlysle,

Alan Rogers

Didn't manage to catch this live unfortunately. Just watched the first 3 tricks and WOW!!! Hellraiser and Spectator on Stage, got my money's worth already. Easy to learn and no knuckle busting required. John's courses are always fantastic well explained and it's the little bits of advice that makes the tricks truly ping. All killer no filler, you can't go wrong with these courses. These are classics for a reason

Phill Evans

This has been amazing. Only managed to catch second half which was worth the price itself. Love the psychology subtleties and a great discussion on working tables. Brilliant.

Steve Black

Those that may think 'not more card effects' think again. Card effects yes BUT what effects. Effortless brilliance from Mr Carey,yet again ! I love the well informed discussion between the professionals . I learn so much and it makes reconsider issues I thought i had settled. Production values superb as usual . The Academies just go from strength to strength. Well done everyone !!!!!

Steve Hansey

Really enjoying tonights Live Academy show. John is always fun to watch. He has a vast wealth of knowledge to call on and I always watch the live academy over and over again because there is so much to take in. From easy effects to ones you have to work at, there's something here for everyone. If you've never watched an Academy show, why not?!?!?!?

Andre Van Tichelen

again a great course, stunning, but doable, not that difficult magic and a great teacher, every time i 'm a bigger fan. Thanks John, thanks Alakazam

Dan Marsh

How does Carey do it. Seriously sequels have rules...they just don't improve. But this magic of the masters academy is my favourite yet. Theres one trick Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm Aces - Paul Harris is truly epic. John one simple question...when is part 5?

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