Magic of The Masters 2 with John Carey Instant Download

Magic of The Masters 2 with John Carey Instant Download

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John Carey is BACK! In the second installment of The Magic of The Masters series John shares with you outstanding routines by magicians such as David Solomon, Peter Kane, Larry Jennings and Edward Marlo as well as some choice gems from John himself.

Why not join him and the Academy team for a night of amazing magic that we are sure will become a staple part of your working repertoire.

First Half:

1. The Visitor- Larry Jennings

2. Jazz Aces- Peter Kane

3. The Dingle Collectors- Derek Dingle

4. The 11 Card Trick- Edward Víctor/ Derek Dingle

5. The Lazy Mans Card to Pocket- C.O Williams

6. The 7 card Lie Detector- Dave Solomon


Second Half:


7. Streamlined Prediction- John Carey

8. Slow Motion Copper Silver- John Carey

9. Just a drop- Andrew Galloway

10. Ambitious 12345- Jennings/Cervon/Nelson

11. Tantalizing Sandwich - Cameron Francis

12. Bluff Ace Assembly- Edward Marlo

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification

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Customer Reviews

Andy Kean

Couldn’t watch live but it’s fantastic. Just the first two items by Peter Kane (from my hometown so I may be biased and the Larry Jennings visitor are worth their weight in gold Well done John and Andy great stuff

Neil Bird

I am Flummoxed !!!! John's magic is simply amazing !!! What I love about the Academy is the tuition and the interaction with the online chat. We get to ask questions and the team are always there to help with the explanations. Spot on night guys... thank you for a bafflingly great magic night !!!

Richard Weston

Is there nothing that Mr. John Carey doesn't know? Well maybe but it probably was not worth knowing anyway. In reality what John and this Academy allows for, is an almost one to one training session. John's ability to point out all of the smallest subtleties, body language and points where a slight time misdirection will help, is second to none. If you are not clear on any point, you can ask via the chat room and the question will be put to John or whoever the leacturer is, for clarifitation. All of this sells it to me but wait there is more. Once the Academy Live is finished it is put into your Alakazam account where you can download it or play it, whenever you want. It's like having a little John in a box. He is almost as cute as one of Sarah's hedgehogs. You really need to try one of these courses, I promise you will not be disappointed. Oh one last thing. Did I mention the dedicated facebook groups that are created after the course, so that people can keep in contact and share ideas or just ask question. The tutor will be part of this, so the Academy just keeps on giving. Now for the second half of the evening for some more mind blowing fantastic magic and some really good friends.

Phill Evans

More magic by the masters by the master. It's obvious why John Carey is a core tutor. His laid back fun style, clear explanations and depth of knowledge makes him ideal for this role. There's something for everyone from self workers to effects that require a certain degree of technical ability. Absolutely brilliant once again.


Once again John Cary amazed us with his streamlined magic at the Alakazam Academy. Another great night of magic and wonderful teaching.

Brian Stewart

Blimey! What can you say about a John Carey Academy course - well a lot really. John is an amazing teacher who explains every trick in great detail and boy what a fantastic amount and variety of tricks there are. As always, John can't help himself and keeps adding extras to his courses - there are now 14 tricks in this second Magic of the Masters course. Great fun, a really great learning experience and of course a fantastic price..

Steve Smith

John Carey never fails to deliver, and this course is no exception. Easy going in presentation, clear and concise in explanation. Well thought out sets containing classics that are often overlooked. Another worthy addition to the Academy's course list.

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