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Meet The Jack By Jorge Garcia


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Jorge Garcia better known to many as The Jack has performed and lectured in over 20 countries. 

He's a regular face on television in his native Argentina and has also performed at the world famous magic castle no less than 6 times!

On his first DVD The Jack shares 8 of his favourite and most powerful Mentalism creations and performance pieces, including To Lovecraft, Jorge's brilliant and acclaimed version of the classic Pegasus Page effect. 

Each effect is performed in front of a live audience and later joined by Peter Nardi they dissect and explain every effect in great detail back at the Alakazam studio.

It's time for you to Meet The Jack!  

Routines Included

To Lovecraft

This is the Jack’s awesome take on the classic Pegasus Page effect.  The great thing about the Jacks version is that you get to give the book away at the end!!


The Jack predicts the outcome of a three person game of Rock, Paper, Scissor.  This effect packs so small yet plays sooo big. 

Project Fear

Using your abilities as a mind reader your manage to tap in to your spectators innermost fear

A Think and Stop Card Trick

This is The Jack’s go to impromptu effect.  Perform it with any shuffled deck. No memory, no set up and no sleights!

One Head

Another effect that packs small but plays huge!  A multiple prediction effect that’s a sure fire winner!

Blindfold Act

An awesome 5 minute routine using nothing more than a real blindfold and a deck of cards. Jack’s Blindfold act has multiple phases that get more and more impossible

Mind Track

This is one of our favourite concepts on the DVD.  It is totally impromptu and can be used for many different revelations!

Haunted Key

Jack’s take on this classic plot is mystical and touching.  A perfect way to evoke emotion from your spectator.  This one effect could actually change their life!

As a bonus, on the DVD you will also receive PDF's of many of the routines so you can print them off and learn them anywhere! 

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Customer Reviews

Simon Cafferty

Fantastic release from Alakazam. This was my first insight into the Jack and I am so glad I picked this up. Jorge is a fantastic performer and the routines are all described in great detail. The price of the dvd is enough for the think stop card trick, which is a cracking trick to add to your arsenal. Been practicing ever since I watched it. All the routines give you something to think about and I hope that one day they will release a Meet The Jack Part 2 :)

Terry Tyson

Part Two of my original review. The DVD is SOLID and provides a mentalist with many interesting performance pieces that can be used immediately. "TO LOVECRAFT" is wonderful and I particularly enjoyed, "FEAR" because it can be developed into a very personal and meaningful routine. Rather than binge watch the whole thing, I watched each segment separately to allow the concepts to really sink in. After a day or two of reflection, I've been able to let new ideas spring up. Highly recommended.

Steve Black

Have been driven mad waiting to receive this for my birthday.It is superb! One of the best mentalism DVD's of the year.I know Peter enjoys mentalism so would trust his judgement and he has been vindicated in his decision to release this product, Presentation and setting are engaging and the explanations clear and concise. Highly recommended !!

Xavier Serra

Best Mentalism DVD in a long long time. I ran out of stars, seriously... Honestly, I had not heard of Jorge García before. I bought the DVD out of curiosity and the first positive reviews. And what a surprise!! No fillers at all!! Simple methods (some of them unburied from the past), but superb presentations (careful here, Jorge's style is his own, very charming, polite, poetical at times... you will need to discover your own personal approach to the effects). All of the effects are so great that one would like to start using them immediately. Difficult to highlight one of them. Just to new a few: One Head (brilliant -finally- solution to the one ...head principle), To Lovecraft (enough said in other reviews), L-Mental (Rock Paper Scissors meets Chair Test; so simple yet no clue). all the effects using cards (who said cards should not be used in mentalism???). Although the blindfold act is an old -but much underused effect- it was great that he rescued it... All in all, the best mentalism purchase in a long long time!

Sarah Stott

You will definitely want to meet The Jack for a second time after watching this excellent DVD. This release is full of simple, easy to perform, Mentalism routines that are perfect for a parlour or stage setting. The Jack’s performance style is relaxed and confident and his character is instantly likeable. Along with the routines there are some excellent subtleties explained which really boost the power of each effect. I really enjoyed watching this – I hope another disc will follow this one…

Dean Humpage

P.s....lovecraft is superb and is priceless wow!

Dean Humpage

Brilliant ....mind track i will perform for ever ..awesome .dark room candles talk about automatic writting ..can peter sort the 6 or the 8 force cards out i love the mastermind deck .

Peter Rees

A batch of really excellent effects, with some very clever thinking. They are all bulletproof. Jack's disarming and courteous style is a really good example of how they may be presented. However they will suit other personalities and will work close up, parlour or stage. Another great DVD!

Dr Rob

Hi All, I received this in the post today and Wow A great selection of very powerful mentalism effects. My top 3 well maybe 4 are the following.. 1. L for Lovecraft - Jorge's reputation making version of the Pegasus page but without the usual gimmicked book, this version uses a gimmick that has taken Jorge's over 8 years to perfect. 2. Mind Track - A unique way to reveal playing cards, numbers and certain letters. 3. The Think Stop Card Trick - Brilliant nearly hands off version of TOCAAN (Thought of card at any number) a reworking of a 1930s Classic with a The Jack addition. And finally 4. L- Mental - Where Rock, Paper Scissors meets the chair test - Utterly baffling but so easy to do. In my opinions the first one of these is worth the price of the DVD alone. Thanks to Jorge Garcia and Peter Nardi for a great set of routines. Regards Dr Rob

Terry Tyson

I am ordering this DVD sight unseen based on the fact that he has included "To Lovecraft" and his "Haunted Key" approach which I have seen and been astounded. I hope to post a second review after seeing the rest of the material but I anticipate it to be very, very good.

Claes Fermsgård

and think and stop the card trick are that a great routine

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