Mental Photography RED

Mental Photography RED

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This trick (also known as the 'Nudist Deck') is now a classic of magic. The performer displays a pack of cards to be blank on both sides. One by one cards are printed, first a face, then a back, then the entire pack! All printed on both sides. 

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Customer Reviews

Phil Macleod

Saw this on the Marc Paul lecture and had to get it. fantastic deck to pull out to give a great table hopping response. Dave's Routine is great to the lay person. for the money it packs a great punch

Steven Holt

This is a Brilliant deck of gimmicked cards. I've been doing magic for a while, I've over looked this trick. At the moment this is my favourite trick as it's so visual. It's made by Murphy's Magic. The instructions are well written by Daryl. I can't fault this trick. Very easy to do & will easily fool lay people, as lay people don't know you're using a gimmicked deck. I'm more than happy with this deck. It's been very well made. For the £10 mark, you can't go wrong for old school magic. Steven Holt

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