Mini Cube To Chocolate Project Henry Harrius

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Mini Cube To Chocolate Project

By Henry Harrius

"I love this! WAY more practical than I'd thought, after watching the method. Cant wait to receive mine!

-- Shin Lim

"Henry invents & produces the BEST Cube Magic on the planet! Mini Cube To Chocolate is a lot of Fun to perform and looks like real magic, you will use this every day!

-- Nicholas Lawrence

"It's like seeing trick editing but in real life. I love how Henry put the details in this trick, this is definitely one of my favourite. 

-- Demian Aditya

"Whether you are already into cube magic or new, Mini Cube To Chocolate is a PERFECT tool to start. Its organic, visual, and extremely practical. This is going on my next Instagram video for sure. Cant wait.

-- Patrick Kun



From the amazing team that released the "Rubiks Dream", "RD360" and "RD cube",

the big brand in cube magic strikes again, this time with a pocket miracle.

Introducing the RDC.T.C.: Mini CUBE to CHOCOLATE project.

In this project, you don't get just one, but a FULL COLLECTION of methods

that DESTROYS your assumptions about performing the cube to chocolate!

Here's what's included in the project:

--a method where you can show 6 SIDES

--a method where you can TWIST the cube

--a method where you can perform SURROUNDED

--a method where you can do it on ANY COLOURED TABLE

--a method where you can do it WITHOUT A TABLE, IN SPECTATOR'S HANDS!

With the CTC, you will be able to perform this powerful eye candy, but without the traditional problems in distance, lighting and tough setup.

The methods are designed to be reliable and brings you CLOSE to your audience.

It was one of the fastest selling products in FISM KOREA 2018. First batch was Sold out in 3 days.

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