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Missing Pieces with Andrew Paul Instant Download

Missing Pieces with Andrew Paul Instant Download

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"First up, Andrew is a dear friend. But I must say that he is really tipping his mitt with the material he is going to share on his live Academy Course. Stunning close up magic with an audience in mind, you will see and learn stunning, professional routines you will love learning and performing. In addition to the how’s, you will learn the oh so important whys, that turn mere tricks into Magic!”

John Carey

"Andrew, your timing and the naturalness on the take are superb, great work! "

Jack Carpenter ( talking about the second deal )

Join us on a very special night as our very own Andrew Paul ( Andy Smith ) presents his first Alakazam Online Academy, Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces is the culmination of thoughts and ideas from someone that has been passionate about magic for many, many years. A professional magician for over 20 years and interested in magic from an early age, Andrew will share his thoughts regarding approaching sleight of hand, practice, misdirection, presentation and his journey in to stand up material and introducing comedy and humor in to his, and your,  act. As well as sharing his thoughts and experiences, Andrew will also share the following effects, routines and moves;

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Customer Reviews

Mick Wilson

BOOM! This is a doozy of a course. I was looking forward to this course so much I bought it twice, seriously, I did, Andy can confirm it. The pleasant reality of this mishap is, I got more than £40 worth of education so it was well worth the 2nd purchase (I did get a refund of course). I've always known Andy is a performing magician as Peter is always mentioning it, but jeepers, I am guilty of underestimating how good he is. Andy teaches some gems in this course but I was completely enamored with his knowledge and theoretical approach to magic. I'm a little on the dull side as I love magic theory but Andy inspired me to think and rethink with his thoughts and ideas. Seriously folks, you gotta watch this guy, you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Steve Burford

Thought I would take a chance on this one and am so glad I did. I had no idea Andy was so talented, humorous and such a good magician. Some really good material here which I will use. Excellent academy, highly recommended.

Henry Merrilees

Bought this at the last minute and so glad i did....some excellent ideas and advice from Andy. Also a blast to see his "stage" persona. Well done Andy...Excellent Academy!!

Neil Bird

The card dealing skills he shares are great. Andy's often the one behind the scenes, but tonight we get to see the working magician. Great lecture from a chap who proves practising and studying the art of magic really matters. I'll be flicking cards around my office until I get it !

Danny Marsh

First up Andy the performer vs Andy in the shop is a stark contrast. He's engaging and funny. But as you watch this academy you get a real sense of what a very learned man he is. The subtleties and thought processes really make you think and will only add depth and deception to any routine or trick you perform. Then on top you have the great tricks Andy teaches. I especially loved his opener and will be adding it elements to mine. Top man. Brilliant academy course.

Steve Black

I was really looking forward to Andy's Academy and it is superb !! The teaching is detailed and the material strong. The effects taught are intermediate difficulty and will require practice. I personally will have to give the material the time it deserves,but it is great to have a project rather than instant gratification . Production values great as usual. Highly recommended !!!

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