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Mystique By Dave Loosley

Mystique By Dave Loosley

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The colour changing deck has been a classic effect in magic and never fails to get great reactions from spectators.

Dave Loosley has studied this plot and taken it to a whole new visual level. With Mystique you will be able to create an eye popping moment of magic your audience will not want to miss.

Includes- Gimmicked cards, Full explanation DVD with alternate handlings for beginners to intermediate. Presentations for both, in the hands and tabled performances.  The DVD also explains how to construct the colour changing card box if you want to add that kicker ending to the routine!

Imagine having a card selected and signed by your spectator.  The card is replaced back into the deck.  Now instantly and visually the deck changes colour. Leaving just one odd backed card in the pack (your spectators card)
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Customer Reviews

Phil S

This is a great little routine. You can see our full review here:

Neil Granger

What a fantastic routine Dave!! I can't believe how many magic moments you get from this effect. I can't wait to try it out on some muggles! The only negative I was going to mention is that the construction of the gimmick isn't very clear. BUT then I registered it on the Alakazam website and received a download video with extra changes and a super clear explanation of the gimmick construction. Great teaching and another brilliant Dave Loosely release! Well done sir. Highly recommended!!


Dave's brain must be getting better with age, another fantastic creation! This is an excellent multiphase colour changing deck routine that just works and makes sense, and as such, was so easy to learn. In all honesty I think it is encroaching on being the best colour changing deck routine I have had the pleasure of learning, as I am really enjoying performing it and it's getting killer reactions. Also I may add, a well put together DVD by the Alakazam team once again. This has gone straight into my act.

Steve & Madeline Black

Well done Dave !! A great product and superb handling.Good DVD and the bonus of being able to register for the detailed box construction makes this fantastic value.This is a must buy and maintains the Alakazam reputation for value and supplying products that are workers!!

Richard P

This is the nicest version of a colour changing deck I've ever used. Not only that, but it then has that EXTRA little kick that laymen just love. I don't know what i did without this in my close-up kit before! Thank you very much Mr Loosley!

Steven Holt

This is great value for money. Especially once you register your new product and you get additional videos sent to your account as well. I like visual magic, so this appealed to me. That's been a few Alakazam products I've bought for £20 or less, and they're all stuff I can use compared to a lot of other expensive rubbish that's out there. I'd recommend this to anyone that's interested in something a bit different. S.Holt

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