Omen By Chris Congreave

Omen By Chris Congreave

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Chris Congreave’s Omen is a self-Working powerhouse of playing card Mentalism with three jaw-dropping moments of magic.

Omen is perfect to perform on 1-2 spectators.

Two Person Presentation

Two spectators are invited to take part in your demonstration of the strange!

Spectator number one names any playing card (let’s say they name the 9 of spades) they are told to keep that card in their mind.

A second spectator is asked to freely cut a deck (which has been on view from the start) and remember the card they cut to.

Now for reveal number one, you pick up the deck, look at your spectator and without asking any questions find the selected card.

Now for reveal number two, with an empty hand you reach into your pocket and remove a matching card! So now not only have you found their card but you have also proved you predicted which card they would freely cut to! Sounds good right? But I know what you’re saying. What about the thought of card card? Well, let me just say your final reveal is a show stopper!

Omen comes complete with 

Special Omen deck 

Full DVD instructions  

Registration Code (which will give you free access to any new routines or handling tips for your Omen deck) 

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Customer Reviews

Terence Grisdale

An absolute miracle effect and quite possibly one of my favourite magic/mentalism card effects... Highly recommended

Mal Fairhurst

Highly recommended, another great mentalist trick to add to my collection of miracles from Alakazam magic.

Steve Blake

Brilliant,Easy to do.3 knockout phases. Always rely on Chris Congreave. As good as Trilogy.

Keith Atkinson

I have just bought this from Chris . To be totally honest, this is the best £30 I have spent in a long time. The predictions are killers, that leaves the spectators with nowhere to go. Once it is set up, you can get straight into this great effect. I have bought quite a few of Chris's effects in the past, that I still use regularly at paid gigs, this is certainly another that will be added to my set. This was the talk of the convention this year. Fantastic effect, thanks Chris Congreave for another awesome product.

Keith Williams

Brilliant combined Card and Mentalism effect. The thought of card can be ANY CARD! and the final reveal is Mind Blowing. No one could See that coming. Absolutely Awesome! and the explanation is Very easy to follow. Fantastic!!

Jeffrey Maru

Great product. For the mentalist under us.... If u use a peak device .. let them write down from the start witch card they think of on a paper and put that in a envelop to seal. Get ure card ready in a envelop from the start on the table (ready for the reveal)

Steve Black

The first two reviews have pretty much covered what I was going to write. I will simply say that my first call when visiting the dealers hall at Blackpool is the Alakazam stand because am always worried they will sell out. This year spent the next few hours attempting to find a better effect than Omen. I failed. Simple yes, a worker, definitely, superb value, absolutely . Highly recommended !!!!

Mark Call

PERFECT for a beginner yet POWERFUL enough for a Professional worker. Omen is sure to become one of your favorites and end up in the 'worker' pile. Alakazam has done it AGAIN by bringing TOP QUALITY MAGIC to all levels. You will notice that even the instruction video is a step above the rest with HD and multiple camera angles so you will be preforming it straight outa the box (well, after a few 'easy' customizations) .... a true example of what Magic/Mentalism SHOULD BE! Easy w/ a Bang! (three bangs) Grab this now as I have a feeling the stock will go quickly! Thanks Peter and Dave for once again 'Making Us Look Great!' ... and thank you, Chris Congreave for sharing your BRILLIANCE!

Andrew Greenspan

Omen.... What to say, well its awesome plain and simple. Although, I wouldn't say this was my favorite release, (yes i do own Omen as an avid Alakazam community member) but I do absolutley love it & think it is completely original, unique one that a magician and a mentalist of all learning levels would enjoy. Chris created a monster effect of a way to start out your conversation with someone by asking if they know what a magician would do to get your card and if they know what a mentalist would do to guess your card, so that alone has been amazing to start out with that patter and action you are performing. You get a special deck of course, You might need to have some other things / utilities that i am sure most of you magicians and mentalists will have access to, every day items but something us artists would have that way you can reveal the ending if you saw the trailer, Dave had a prediction in an envelope. So you may need to supply some form of those or other things that would be even better once you get to watch the instructional DVD. I am very grateful to own Omen and it has played out MUCH stronger then i thought. This gets a SOLID 4 out of 5 in Alakazam's work, as they continue to only release the best and the boldest. No toys from Alakazam, only The things you will keep in the front of your case. I will continue using it as much as I can, have had it for a couple months now and since blackpool this release that is now set to come out I would HIGHLY recommend you place a Pre Order if you are interested because this will sell out. Chris, Alakazam & the whole crew have something real neat that is different from anything that I can see that has been out in the past 5 months to a couple years. The method is solid, easy to remember, no memory work, a true masterpiece using many things and methods / principles that are some of the strongest in magic/ mentalism. Pre order now!!! (Tell them Andrew Ace sent you :)

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