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Packet Tricks Pack a Wallop with Liam Montier Instant Download

Packet Tricks Pack a Wallop with Liam Montier Instant Download

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Join renowned teacher and creator Liam Montier on an exclusive Alakazam Academy course, looking at PACKET TRICKS!

Covering a wide range of tricks and effects, from the totally self working, to more complicated techniques and sleights, this promises to be a masterclass.

As well as being on hand to answer ALL your questions (especially the magic related ones!) Liam will also help you to learn the full work and details on techniques such as…


The Olram Subtlety

Multiple Lifts (with no breaks) from a small packet

The Elmsley Count (Bomb-proof technique with ANY cards)

Hamman Count 

Gemini Count

Spirit Count

The Jordan Count (and why it’s not as good as the Elmsley one!)




John Bannon’s Fabulous Bullet Party Display!


Along the way, you will learn tricks such as…


What A Turn Up (and multiple presentations) 

Chicken Dinner and Tantilizer Cash (unpublished Montier originals)

Spotless and the Eight Card Brainwave

You, Me, Us - A fully routined packet trick ACT by Liam


As well as some packet trick classics, such as…


The Elmsley Four Card Trick

Red Oil and Blue Water (Peter Kane)

Gemini Twins (Brother John Hamman)


And a stack of ‘regular deck’ packet tricks, including


‘Sly Cheese’

‘Wild In The Straights’


‘Reality Burb’

*As always, please bear in mind that due to the live nature of the Academy experience, the contents and running order are subject to change.

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Customer Reviews

Dafydd Francis

I'm addicted to packet tricks and Liam Montier is feeding my addiction by providing with HOURS of great content. It's a good thing these academies are recorded because I'm going to have to go back multiple times in order to get everything. Liam is a great teacher and there are a bunch of great tricks ranging from easy to not so easy, from old to brand new. Something for everyone!

Alec Mitchell

Two fantastic days of visual awesomeness. The phrase “All killer and no filler”, does not do this course justice. Some beautiful slights, starting from a simple double lift to a perfectly taught Elmsley count with brilliant examples of applications of each move! Pure hard hitting slight of hand packet tricks and no sticky stuff in sight.

Shaun Mansfield

My Review for Liams Academy Live. Its like having all your magic mates round for a session and Liam is the guy leading the session. Everything is great magic, shown, explained and practised together. Liam answers your questions before you get to ask them. Highly recommended. In fact I cannot recommend it too highly.😀😀 WARNING Your Brain will hurt and your sides ache. You have been warned !

Kevin Bowman

Day 2 of Liam's Packet Trick course and what a Fantastic course it is. If you have never done packet tricks then you must get this. The tricks, ideas and techniques are very well explained. This whole course is very highly recommended.

Steve Lobley

Liam is knocking it out of the park! Loads of awesome tricks and tips...I bought this for my holidays but can't turn away. Feeling fresh with idea's...Great Liam and the Alakazam Team.

Michael Duffy

Missed Most Of The First Half, But That's The Beauty Of The Academy It's Saved Right Into Your Account. Also Liam Is Very Helpfull With Any Questions You Need To Ask. Highly Recommend The Academy.

Steve Black

Liam is a superb and engaging teacher. The effects are superb and the advise fantastic. I had stopped doing packet tricks. NOT ANYMORE !! Highly recommended . Excellent production values as usual from the Alakazam team

Jean Morneau

Liam is so funny and engaging. Great tricks and even greater teaching! Worth much more than the entry price.

Richard Weston

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf ??? Sorry I meant, who's afraid of a PACKET TRICK? Well if you take part in Liam Montier's Packet Tricks Pack a Wallop Academy, you will never be afraid of using a packet trick, ever again. It's only Day 1 and Liam has taken the, "it's only for kid's and beginners to magic," out of this out of date way of thinking and given it a damn good beating. This is brill!!!!! Liam is so clever in the way that he can work with a selection of cards taken from the deck, or so the spectator thinks and then destroy their belief in how the laws of physics work. Liam also shows that there is no shame or fear bringing out just a small packet of cards, even ones that do not look like playing cards and then screwing with people's concepts of reality. Example 1. End of set: Look here's four Aces! Reaction: Seen that before or I know how that's done! Example 2. End of set: Choosing the same symbol on a card as the magician, under impossible conditions, from a small packet of cards! Reaction: How the hell did I manage to pick the same symbol as the magician????? Which one would you remember and be telling people about a few years from now? This Academy is brilliant and Liam is such a clever, twisted man. Two nights of great live magic and a load of fun thrown in for good measure. Five STARS all day and night.


Another fantastic Academy course from the amazing Liam Montier. Only half way through today's course a course in packet tricks in which his thinking and little touches on each trick taught is superb. Liam is a great teacher. I can't wait fotr the second half today and for 2nd part tomorrow. Highly recommended if you want to learn some great magic with only a few cards.

Brian Stewart

Well I have always loved Liam Montier's work and I also love packet tricks so this course was absolutely made for me. Liam has a great laid back teaching style and explains everything so well that you can really crack on without any real worries, just a bit of practice. Liam has picked some great packet tricks including some self workers with nothing that is too difficult. If you want to pick a first Academy course then this is a great one to start with. If you just want to learn some amazing packet tricks that you can easily carry around then this course is for you. Brilliant work from Liam and all the guys at Alakazam as usual.

Scott Clark

What can I say, it is only half way though the first night, and have seen some gems. All the tricks so far can be achieved without any heavy moves, just some good patter and some practice. which leaves room for you when you get better at slights. Another great course has been laid out again. And Liam has set out the tricks into mini they can be put together.

Phill Evans

Just a quarter of the way through and this is brilliant. Real workers perfect for casual performance or to incorporate into a formal set. Love packet tricks and Liam is giving us a bag full of little gems. The material has plenty of diversity and is delivered with notes on the subtleties and alternative handlings and presentations. His secret formula is worth the price of the course alone!!!!

Mark Call

C'mon it's LIAM MONTIER... that's really all that needs to be said. I will add that this course is BRILLIANT and full of AWESOME social effects that will even blow fellow magicians away. Liam has a style of teaching like no other....and takes his time on the important bits that matter so you truly understand. If you want GREAT fast and hard hitting effects that INVOLVE the spectator .... then this IS for you!

Phil Morris

The method behind What A Turn Up was IMO worth the cost of the course … everything else was a bonus, but what a bonus. Can't wait for tomorrow's offering. Liam's relaxed style makes for a very entertaining set.


Liam is Awesome!!! I'm having so much fun! So far I can use every trick he has shown. They are killer. Thanks Liam!

Micky Duffy.

Just Love Liam's Magic, Very Easy To Follow Looking Forward To Tomorrow Night Already.


Good tricks, good subtleties, good simple methods and techniques... Liam gives plenty of variation ideas to personalize the tricks. This course is so GOOD !

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