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Pantera V2 By Outlaw Effects

Pantera V2 By Outlaw Effects

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The Pantera V2 By Outlaw Effects

The brand new Pantera V2 is the evolution of "Outlaw Effects” original Panther wallet. The Pantera V2 has been beautifully crafted by Tony Curtis (so you know the quality is going to be awesome).

The Pantera V2 looks like a slick business card/ Credit Card holder, but just like a James Bond gadget it’s a secret weapon, which can transform in to a ultra-fast peek device!

What’s more it has a super cool zipper pocket. When you put their card in to the zipper pocket and zip it shut, well you may as well be putting it in a safe and spinning the dial! No one will think you could possibly know what’s on the card.

You can show there is already a card in the I.D. window if you like. That card is not removed but you get an instant closed wallet peek.
Using what I like to call the P.I.P.S system  (Peek In Plain Sight), And the great thing from your spectators point of view is they are not just looking at a weird black window.. They can see a business card in the window before, during and after the peek (from their point of view nothing changes!). Making this one of the most deceptive peek devices ever created.

Pantera V2 has two cloaking devices. One is a very clever fake business card that reflects light and the other is a special privacy filter. When combined these two devices deceptively show a normal business card in the I.D. pocket even when the target card is loaded!

PS. Did we mention you can load and steal too!

This package includes a beautifully designed and manufactured Pantera V2 Wallet & Access to a full online training video!   

* Please note that this item is currently ONLY available in Fedex ( this will not affect the performance or usage of the effect in any way )

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Customer Reviews

Leslie Lawrenson

A specialist peek wallet in a very slim and stylist format. I am still getting used to the idea of having the "secret" information so openly on display, and can understand why some performers are nervous about using it as it is so blatant, but no one I have performed to has cottoned on to the fact that the info is right in front of them! I ask the spectator to think of something - anything - and then say, "Look, here's the thing! You are going to be so amazed at what you are going to see me do, that I need you to commit to what you are now thinking, so I want you to write it down on something." I casually reach into my inside jacket pocket and remove the Pantera, open it, and remove one of my business cards. I turn it over and say, "Write it on the back of that. I'll turn away so I don't see it!" I load it back into the wallet, face down, zip up the pocket, and lay it on the table right under their nose. There is nothing more natural than removing a business card from a business card holder and getting the spectator to write down what he's thinking. It can be done so casually, but the information is instantly available to you, right under their nose! A bit of judicious time misdirection, and the usual mentalist play-acting, and reveal is killer! It you are looking for a great peek device without wanting to spend the cash on a bells-and-whistle wallet, this is a superb choice.

Steve Sibson

My honest opinion I would not use the gizmo in this wallet, but I can see what they do . So now I'm left with a jacks wallet to get my info .


Excellent product! I do not use the "high-tech" gizmo though, but instead do as Peter Nardi does once in the DVD where he uses two buisness cards instead, much stronger in my opinion. Recommended. I wonder though how long the zipper is going to last?

Steve Black

This is just superb. Beautifully made wallet that works like a dream.A professional prop that will be a must for any serious mentalist.This might be a bit boring BUT Peter and his team have produced another fantastic product!! Well Done!

Steve Cook

" The Pantera V2 wallet is a devilish piece of kit! This looks as if it has come straight out of MI5. Beautifully-produced by Tony Curtis, and worth every penny (and more) of the asking price. I would buy this wallet even if I never used it. One of those rare items that gives you a kick inside. Well done Peter! Another winner for sure. Don't hesitate, buy this now! Very highly recommended!

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