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Psyclock II Tempus

Psyclock II Tempus

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"Tempus" takes the PsyClock effect to a whole new level of awesomeness!!

Not only does this make the perfect stage piece and workers prop but Tempus is also the ideal effect to have at home.

Imagine when you have guests for dinner.  You give one of your guest the task of saying "NOW" at any point in the evening.  

You immediately take them to the room in your house which has this clock sitting on the wall.  

Just watch their reaction when you point out the clock has stopped at the exact time they said "now".  

Whats more they can take the clock off the wall to see there is no battery inside!     

    No off stage Assistance

    Performer never touches the clock

    Great for Almost any performing situation
    Very Easy to perform (will fit straight in to your act)
    Fantastic if the revelation is used as your encore 

Comes with streaming video instructions

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Customer Reviews

Mark Doetsch

I just received the Tempus clock. This is really great!!! It works just as Peter described it.The extra touch of the spectator being able to put the battery in the clock to start it working again is fantastic. Its a nice subtlety to really to make it appear to be a normal clock. I am really looking forward to performing this effect!

Nick Fitzherbert

I received my clock today and I'm already delighted with it. I believe it is potentially a great trick for many people. I say 'potentially' because I reckon you need to think how it will fit with what you do. It passed me by to begin with, then I realised it's going to be perfect for the training days I do, where I can just use it as a clock for the morning, make a prediction at the start of the afternoon and amaze everyone as I close. I can even get a client to 'perform' it without having to reveal the secret!

Steve Black

Ever since we bought Connected By Paul Stockman ( another superb Alakazam release) we have wanted this effect. Peter has obviously spent many hours designing this V2. IT IS SUPERB!! The beauty of this is that it is simple to operate leaving the performer all the time in the world to wow the audience.This is going to be my new opener/closer. This does represent a considerable investment BUT I personally believe it is worth every penny! It is also worth mentioning that because Alakazam is one of the most trusted magic dealers in the world and the after sales service is always superb we would not invest this sort of money in a product made by anyone else ! Congratulations to everyone at Alakazam !! I just hope the price will mean this retains some exclusivity !! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!!

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