Punched by Lewis Tranter Instant Download Video

Punched by Lewis Tranter Instant Download Video

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If you have been looking for a visual direct piece of magic which is great for close up and walk around then we suggest you learn Punched by Lewis Tranter.

Punched is the first release from the creative mind of Lewis Tranter. With this effect you will be able to visually vanish a card which has been hole punched multiple times! The audience see the exact moment that the card vanishes and melts down through the deck to locate the spectators signed selection.

Punched really does tick all the boxes for the close up performer:
- The card can be freely selected and signed.
- The gimmick takes a couple of minutes to make up.
- Instantly resets for the next table.
- simple to learn and easy to use.

By adding a punched gimmick to your pack of cards you are set to astound with this eye popping piece of magic.

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Customer Reviews

Jonathon Allwood

This is an automatically spellbinding effect super ace for table hopeing, this effect make me think of the past masters of card magic from the Victorian era of great clean close up effects ,I believe someone like David Vernon would of use some thing like this if he was asked on the spot to do a card effect! Well done Lewis tranter punched is a must have for the next generation of magican to have!

Colin McDabra

The vanish of the punched card is so good I can't believe it myself and I'm doing the effect! This is a dramatic eye-popping take on the card lost in the deck plot. It can work really well on Zoom shows too.


I have this trick some time now, and I must say great. However I use Science Friction Spray instead of repositinal glue, works perfect for this trick. I wait to see more of this guy.

Mike Kent

Wow! Can't believe how good this is! Don't even know why it's got a two star difficulty rating because my grandson could do it. An absolute gem and a ridiculously low price for such a clever idea.

Steve Blake

Brilliant, Visual Magic, Easy to do.Looks like a camera Trick.Buy Now.

Darren Bane

Punched is a knockout effect! Lewis himself says it looks like a camera trick, and it truly does. Extremely visual. Love Dave's alternative handling, too. Great effect, great value. Punched is a hit!

Ronald Wood

Absolutely Beautiful.

Duncan Pallant

Congratulations Lewis on a simply awesome effect. The method is so deceptive, its genius. What a great visual moment of magic. If you haven't already got this get it now, it flat out floors people. And it's an absolute steel at the price.

Malcolm Glass

This is so simple, direct and easy! And it's such a startling visual moment. Hats off to Mr. Tranter! He's one creative guy. I, too, will be looking for his coming effects. And Loosley's handling is very effective, too. These 2 routines are worth a lot more than the asking price. Thanks to all.

Paul Underwood

Absolute magic. The moment of the vanishing holes just sent my mind in overdrive, I just had to purchase this and I seriously believe the price is unbelievable. It really should be way up there because magic like this is a rare thing indeed and Tranter harnesses this in a truly magical way. It's an instant worker and will make any non believer a believer in magic and that's what it's all about. Thank you. I look forward to seeing what else you may have in future.

Darrel Cooke

Neat little effect, very visual, easy and no angles to worry about. I've done this with my hands being burned at close range in bright light. All boxes ticked for me. Well done mate worker for sure. Only regret is that I didnt think of it first :-)

Julia Beresford

This what the magic industry needs! Great effects..low price..and so simple to do it not even funny!

Paul Cheesman

Brilliant little trick, so easy and yet so deceptive. well done Lewis

Mike Avila

So freaking clever.

Adam Evans

This is fantastic I've got this on me all the time Easy to do Instant reset You will not be disappointed awesome

Stuart Risdale

This is real magic. The gimmick took me about 5mins. Have used it already and it just blew their minds away. Brilliant trick, brilliant price. Cant wait to show it at the FCMUK Conferebce in a couple of weeks.

Brent Griffin

Do you remember what it's like to be in awe as a child when you saw "real" magic. Well, I'm 43 and I gotta tell you this looks like real magic. I was in awe. The secret is ingenious. Ingenious for "I've been doing magic for thirty years and shoulda known better! Shame on me!" This is really brilliant. And it's a steal for this price. I love supporting young magicians. I can't recommend this high enough. What fun!


first class trick ,very modestly priced in fact 2 tricks for the price of one ! well done young man !

Tom Dennaro

Can't really add to what's already been said... a real fooler. My tip, if you're a "Science Friction" user, try that on your "gimmick".

Joel Dickinson

For the price it's perfect. The effect is great & it's a worker. It's explained well. I've applied the concept to existing routines and it really does improve the magic. I've adapted this to a Chicago opener inspired routine, a quick t&r without the tearing and a card to pocket routine which is so visual. I'll definately be using this.

Rus Andrews

Love the thinking behind this, hats of to you Lewis. Great stuff well done

Ivan Mac Donald

This is a five star hit.It will be a big,big hit.I love it.

Kieron Johnson

This is a must buy it is instant eye candy can't wait to see what he does next.

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