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Just imagine . . . you pick up any unprepared matchbook and unfold it. Now, with just the matchbook at your fingertips, you ask for silence as you stare intently. After a moment, without warning, the entire book of matches spontaneously self-combusts. It's Pyro kinesis! Check out the online video - it will leave a burning impression.
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Customer Reviews

Jeffrey Warren Park

Pros: The effect is interesting. With a little thought, this device can be used for many more tricks than presented in the instructional video. It's very small, and should be easy to conceal by nearly all magicians. Now, for the cons: In order for the device to work, you NEED flash paper! There's no way around it. It won't function without it. The instructional video is no longer included with the package, on a cd. In order to view the instructional video, you need to access a pdf, (with the password in the packaging), in order to get the link to the video. 'Would have been simpler to just include a DIRECT link to the video in the package, or allow Alakazam, (or which ever distributor you buy this from), to host the video, with access only allowed after purchase. Alakazam is more than capable of doing this securely. Other distributors are likely reliable, too. The trick(s) using this product is/are very angle specific. You can NOT be fully surrounded, without giving away how it is done.Your audience MUST be in front of you. If they are to your sides, or close to behind you, they will see the gimmick. And, being that you WILL be playing with fire, you will need to pay attention to all the usual fire safety practices. And, while it is in your pocket, it would definately be advisable to carry it in the plastic tube it arrives in. You don't want to set it off in your pocket, by accident.

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