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Scream By Jamie Daws

Scream By Jamie Daws

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The Dark Series #2

One gun. One bullet. One hacked off finger in one bloodied envelope. One story your audience will NEVER forget!

Imagine every ingredient that makes a killer horror film being used to create an experience like no other.

Over 4 years in development to give your spectators the ultimate live horror experience!

With little more than three photos, one envelope, a letter and the unforgettable story of one of the most brutal murders of its time, Scream is like nothing you have performed before!

Susannah Cartwright was infamous for being the first female murderer of her kind. On the eve of her wedding, she found out her fiancé had a mistress. So once they were wed, she took his shot gun off the wall and whilst he drifted off to sleep, she fired one shot directly into his head.

She then took his wedding finger with ring still attached and sent it to the local sheriff with a note telling the police department that her husband had played so many games with her, it’s time to play a game with his dead body…. What unfolds is illustrated with three and only three images.

One of Susannah with a desperate and confused glaze in her eyes. One of the house in which they lived and lastly one of the woods in which the body was eventually found.

At first glance they may seem like macabre reminders of a time long ago but when your spectators look again, they discover a disturbing depth to the photos in which ghostly manifestations appear in their very hands.

Once they recover from this, you hit them hard with something that will ultimately make them scream!

Scream is a beautifully dark tale with a great ending that will make your participants jump out of their skin!



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Customer Reviews

Stephane Schoetens

Super trick. Great props. Top quality. EVERYTHING is supplied. In my opinion the "bang-end" is more than optional.... (Scratched face is already very impactful.) One could instead of the" bang" make use of the letter which is still in the black envelope and ask the spectator to take it and read what Suzanna wrote in it. He would discover that the letter is her last will and that she used rare symbols in it: o + star ... From there on I show 5 old ESP cards which were found with the pictures in Suzanna's house. I then go on with a ESP revelation routine. Small pocket place. With a good story, high impact and surprise. SPOOKY! Worth every penny. BUY IT!

Alex Marchant

Hi- what a great trick. I'm From the old school Of magicians the 'bang pen' always went down a treat when getting a card signed. I think the use of photographs for magic / mystic effects is fantastic. I love the fallen and Titanic So when I saw this advertised I immediately thought I need one. I was not disappointed. The trick in itself is simple to perform, but it's well worth the effort of making the story fit the way "You" actually speak. It shouldn't sound as if you are saying someone else's lines. I didn't have to wait too long to try this out and I deliberately waited for Halloween as we had family round. My daughter who is always a "willing volunteer" was completely hooked by the story as was her partner. The ending was as I expected it would be, and it is true you may hear some words not normally used by your victim, but then the laughter follows and you know you nailed it. A great trick well done Jamie and Alakazam.

Stephen Manford

Took this out with me last night for my brothers pub opening party. The reactions were brilliant! My favourite reaction of the night was a well to do lady to call me a "stupid C@#t" but then hysterically laugh while trying to apologise for the insult. Hahaha I love this trick!!!

Gary Brown

Guys, please bear with me here. I'm a pure hobbyist-in as a kid, in and out as a teenager, and then back in as an adult. As Roy Walton said to my wife when trying to buy me a magic present from Tam Shepherds (in my home town); 'this time he's hooked for life'. He was right-that's absolute fact. I love sponge balls, linking rings and thumb tips. More so I love 'By Forces Unseen', 'Drawing Room Deceptions' and Bill Goodwin. Jack Parkers (Mr. Gladwins) 52 Memories is nothing but class. With that out of the way, in advance of our little Abu Dhabi compounds Haloween bash, I just 'performed' 'The Web'on my Wife and haven't laughed so much as she tried to shake it off (and not Taylor Swift style). A few hours lapsed and I promised (promised) not a similar trick required a dry run; 'Its creepy love, but no surprises etc' .Like many out there, there must be some doubt of the dryness of the effect and the ending; however at the 'reveal' my Wife looked at me with somewhat of a scarey, creepy face (not the one I see every morning), but utterly perturbed-Halloween was well in effect. And as she reached for the letter, inquisitive of why people may hear a shotgun in that clearance, if you find her landing somewhere in the UK, please contact Andy at customer service - he has my address and can send her home :) I love this effect as I love all types of magic - and I have to say, I think all the guys at Alakazam are nothing short of A+ in a competitive environment. BOO! Happy Halloween Folks :)

Christian Fisanick

Jamie's first entry in this series was a good card trick disguised as mentalism/bizarre magic called The Deceased. This second installment ups the ante by at least 10 fold. With the right performance, you have a truly shocking effect that will not only make people scream but also have them tell their friends how fantastic you are. It's a huge win. I kind of figured out even before seeing the actual performance trailer what the gimmick was, but I was unprepared for how elegantly constructed it is. It's a TOB--thang of beauty as they say in parts of the U.S. I can't wait to start messing with people this Halloween season with Scream. It packs small but will play absolutely huge. If you are in the mood for a theatrical, horror-film-themed effect, look no farther than Scream. It's great!

Jacob Anderson

Honestly the best product I have picked up, ever! Alakazam have done another amazing job with creating such a powerful product. The emotion felt by the spectator is great and the story can be easily adapted to suit your presentation style, personally I use the ending as you catch the spectator of guard and completely freak them out. I would highly recommend this to anyone from beginner to seasoned poffesional.

Tom Lauten

Hahahaha...very effective. Are you a good storyteller? This is for you. Do you like the dark side of things...again, for you. Do you like childishly making people jump and leave their breakfast behind? Guess what...its for you. Well made, well explained and super easy to perform. People might not ever trust you after this one!

Tony Walker

Great effect for Halloween. Clever idea with the Oh ya f...... effect at the end if you pardon my language. Wait until my sister in law sees this, it will scare her Sh.. well lets say she will be right feert. The trailer was very poor and many said they didn't know what they were getting for the money. While true I can say if you do Halloween gigs this is a definite just for the pure terror on the faces for that split second

Jean Jaecklé

Received yesterday and adopted! The video does not reflect the emotion felt by the participant. And that's the key of the routine. If you can tell a story and include the participant into it, that's it! Gimmick and material: good quality, easy to use. And as ever: use your imagination!

Bert Van Dyck

Certainly a hit with the upcoming Halloween days !. A nice short horror effect with very nice props. Personally I'm not gonna use that special kicker ending because with the right story, the basic effect is strong enough. Again a well-made Alakazam product

Ken Reader

The thing I like about Alakazam Magic effects is that they are all very useable.This is no WILL use it.A great easy to carry spooky effect.Excellent value in today's overpriced market.I personally don't use the " surprise ending " as I find the effect just using the 3 cards is strong enough to carry the effect on its own,still a scary ending !.Simple to perform. Buy it !

Steven Holt

This is very good, I enjoyed it a lot. When I seen part of the gimmick it made me laugh. I used to have an exploding sharpie, I got a lot of mileage from that silly prop. This has been well thought out. I used to do The Web years ago with some fantastic reactions, I can see this getting great reactions too. The props included are all well made. The metal gimmick I'll struggle to bend as I'm a bit of a weakling. Any normal person other than me will be able to bend it easily as instructed on the DVD. I like the new DVD slip case that come to protect your instructional DVDs as well, nice touch. Be selective on you're audience who you do this for. Don't do it for someone that's in their 70s, they would get a serious fright. I mind getting into trouble one year when I used my exploding sharpie on an older person, so I've learned from that. I hope they do refill envelopes as well. Apart from that, this is going to make people jump at the end. It's good to be scared once in a while. I'd easily recommend this. It's easy to pick up. Nothing complicated to learn or remember. I get confused easily with the longer tricks. Definitely worth a look if you're looking for something a bit different, & more bang for your money, pardon the pun.

Byron Rodriguez

Great product, easy to learn so that you can concentrate on performance, personally I will build on the story a little, though its great as it stands. I am putting this in my Halloween gig probably as the end piece, as I'm sure it will be a great conversation piece later and leave an impression. Well done.

Steve Black

The DVD is well shot and the teaching clear and concise.The props are well made and very clever.I love the idea of a Dark Series and the story here is excellent. It is the climax that i am not sure about.All effects of this genre have to be presented in the right atmosphere & audience with an appropriate climax. I just don't think the climax fits with what has gone before.It is a comedic/novelty finish which for me does not fit. This in stark contrast to the first in the series which is chilling from star to finish.The climax will make people jump but that is a different emotion to the build up.

Stephen Beresford

Well done guys! What a great release with Halloween approaching. Perhaps not one for kiddies' parties though!

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