Second Chance by Wayne Dobson

Second Chance by Wayne Dobson

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  • A wickedly clever effect that's easy to do and really packs a punch! Second Chance is Wayne Dobson thinking at its best.
  • 100% Self Working.
  • Regular Decks.
  • No memory.
  • Instant reset.

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Customer Reviews

Anthony Chapman

I was genuinely amazed by this effect, before I purchased it I had no clue of how it worked but once I'd watched the DVD the method was so simple to follow and perform. The production quality of the DVD is great and the explanations and handling of the effect are very clear. Worth every penny.

Steve Justice

Fantastic trick.. i bought the PDF version and made my own pack up. well done to the Alakazam team for giving us this brilliant trick.

Keith Williams

I purchased this ages ago, and I am still performing it. So easy to do and when you reveal your kicker prediction at the end nobody sees it coming. Brilliant!


Simple, ultra-effective magic! Could not be simpler to reset, can be performed standing, almost impossible to back-engineer, and can be adapted to many presentations.


I've just downloaded the Streaming version of this effect and after a watching the explanation to the effect and a few minutes of easy set up I performed it to my girlfriend who couldn't believe I'd managed to predict her card that she'd thought of. The deck was in her hands, she chose the card, removed it and she put the deck back in the box. At one point Pete says "you'll be performing this in 5 minutes of unboxing" and he's right. The method is so simple yet packs a super punch in performance and for the workers INSTANT reset. Well worth £12.99 for the Streaming version or £17.99 for the normal version which comes with a deck ready to go. Another superb effect from Pete and the Alakazam team! Thank you :)

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