Sharpie Through Card STC By Peter Nardi Blue

Sharpie Through Card STC By Peter Nardi Blue

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*Please note STC comes with colour options. Please be sure to order your preferred colour.

What a visually stunning moment of magic - that is going straight into my act. -Nick Einhorn
This is the evolution we have been waiting for. Why it took so long I do not know but this is how a pen through card should look. -Alan Rorrison
Peter Nardi Designed STC for his own performances and has used it in all sorts of performing situtaions. STC is perfect for Strolling Performers, Street Magicians, Table Hoppers & Mix ‘N’ Mingle. 
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Customer Reviews

Gary Brown

This is fantastic! Fast, visual and an impeccably made gimmick! Picked up the blue version, I'm going to grab a red one also!

Josh Woodcock

A great lil final flourish and a brilliant answer to "do you do any non card tricks". i keep this in my wallet and love it i truly recommend it.

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