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Smudged By John Horn

Smudged By John Horn

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John Horn has created the most visual Sharpie ™ revelation ever. Taking the standard Sharpie revelation and turning it on its head creating a moment of instant visual impact!

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Customer Reviews

Steve Dela

I only give 5 stars to effects I use all the time... this is one of them and I have only just realised that I never put a review up before now. This effect is like TV magic... hard hitting and gets the reactions you have always dreamed of. This is part of my EDC (every day carry). You receive TWO gimmicked sharpies. This is absolutely worth your money. Steve Dela

Dazza B

I'm a heavy-handed, absolute amateur who buys a few tricks to amuse friends and family with. When I saw the video, I just had to know how this trick was done. And even I have been leaving my "audiences" breathless with this one. The instructional DVD that comes with it is excellent; you get two pens and it really is a superb illusion, the basic principles of which are very easy to pick up. Highly recommended.

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