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Stand Up Monte

Stand Up Monte

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Stand Up Monte

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Finally Released On DVD!
This will be one of your favorite tricks to perform!

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Customer Reviews

Ben Webster

Just received these today and they already my favourite effect, the concept of the trick leaves a lot of room for different ways of performing it to suit your style. It isn't really that technically difficult someone who has a standard knowledge and capability should be able to do it with ease. The trick makes you look like a sleight of hand jesus and its a great effect. You have the option to perform the trick as a magical effect or a skilful effect. personally i prefer the skill option for the spectator somewhat understands what you are doing but just cant grasp any concept of how it works, thus leaving them asking no question and being more amazed and happy. The finale can be difficult for some butt is is not compulsory and as i mentioned earlier can be adapted to suit you. Overall i am very satisfied with the product, well worth every penny!


fantastic!!, one of if not [in my opinion] the best monte/find the lady routines ever.easy to do cant wait to start preforming this one!.great buy

Alan Lycett

Thanks once more to Alakazam for excellent service. Had this nearly a week now and never believed it would take me abot 5 days to nail it. Please understand the basic routine is not at all difficult it`s just that it will confuse the hell out of you, in a nice and addictive way. The dvd is excellent and well taught and when I say confusing I do not mean in regards to the teaching,it`s such a fantastic routine it bamboozles you as you try to learn and remember the phases. However that was my experience a most enjoyable one at that, someone else may have it in a very short time Garrett does teach a finale to the routine, although it is not necessary it is a killer, to achieve this there is as Garrett describes it an awkward move, however throughout the dvd Garrett makes a point of trying to get you to do your own version of the presentation and I have found a slightly different way of achieving the finish. All in all brilliant, not difficult and a very entertaining effect.

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