Still Fancy A Pot Of Jam by James Brown Streaming Version

Still Fancy A Pot Of Jam by James Brown Streaming Version

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This DVD has lots of eye popping routines that have helped earn James a very good living and the coveted title of "Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year 2006!"

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Customer Reviews

James Wilson

Firstly, this is clearly aimed at experienced magicians as there is an assumed knowledge of all the separate manoeuvres. Secondly, the quality of the video is very poor. Thirdly, although Mr. Brown is obviously a very good magician, he is a poor teacher as he goes through things far too quickly and doesn’t clearly show each stage of a trick. As a beginner, I haven’t a hope of understanding or seeing clearly what is going on. This could have been done much better and it should have been rated as advanced tuition. Really disappointed.

Greg Holroyd

This is amazing. I see this as dipping your toe in pickpocketing as it teaches the performer some awesome misdirection principles. There is not one bad effect on this dvd a must buy

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