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Streamlined Commercial Card Magic JC Instant Download

Streamlined Commercial Card Magic JC Instant Download

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Join John Carey for the first of a series of courses called the Carey Super Sessions! The first one day course on November 14th is entitled Streamlined Commercial Card Magic. On it you will learn material that is extremely commercial and that plays in a wide variety of venues.

Carey has built his reputation internationally in recent years with his stripped down and minimalistic approach to card magic, which is evident in his 4 critically acclaimed books. You will learn material that is powerful but also practical. No pipe dreams here.

In the first course John will perform, discuss and teach 15(!) effects from his vast repertoire. There's amazing variety of plot here with truly something for everyone. The course will be streamed live and students can interact with John and our team and ask questions and get help and tips that will take your card magic onto the next level. The course will be saved in your Alakazam streaming account for anytime viewing.

We expect demand to be extremely high for this course. Why not take advantage of our early bird discount. It promises to be an amazing evening! Don't just watch the magic. Be part of it!

Here is the table of contents for this first of many Carey Super Sessions we have planned!

1. Think n Sync- A stunning revelation of a thought of card you will immediately add to your repertoires! You will learn invaluable tips here you can apply to all your work. A brand new version of John’s favourite plot that he hadn’t tipped anywhere. So simple and elegant!

2. Seven Up! A beautiful, almost moveless production of four of a kind with a great premise and emotional hook. Simple, but so strong.

3. NOTHING! A great twist on the card at any number plot built around the premise of nothing! This is a worker.

4. A closed prediction. A streamlined card prediction that hits hard. It looks so clean! Uses a fantastic utility move by john’s friend Yohann Fontyn.

5. Positivity. John's semi automatic treatment of a great Juan Tamariz effect.

6. Aces in their faces! A sweet four Ace production you will love! Super strong and direct.

7. The Seeker Sandwich. A stunning slow motion sandwich effect kindly given to john by his friend Ed Oschmann. The sandwich cards progressively move together in the deck and search,seek and trap a signed selection. It’s a real worker!

8. All in a print! John's superb variant handling of Dai Vernon's fingerprint card trick. Totally commercial!

9. Slow Motion Collectors. You will love the Carey treatment of a Roy Walton’s classic Collectors effect. The selections magically collect one at a time in slow motion!

10. If we could turn back time. A beautiful card effect built around the premise of time travel. Simple, powerful and memorable. Uses a brilliant Brother John Hamman move.

11. Carey On The Pass! John discusses his thoughts and work on the Classic Pass. A mini workshop in its own right  . Invaluable information for all card workers.

12. The 76 trick! An almost moveless sandwich effect that has been a firm favorite of Carey's for many years.

13. Matching The Cards. Johns beautiful streamlined approach to a classic effect. No double lifts, no glides, no kidding!

14. Whispering Ambitions. A delightful approach to the classic whispering cards plot, using nothing more than two jokers and three selections. You will use this!

15. Little Vernon. We finish the super session with John's beautiful, minimalistic approach to Dai Vernon's classic Out of Sight out of mind. A super strong mental effect you will love.

In addition to the routines, John discusses theory, timing, psychology and misdirection which you will find priceless. These concepts will help you become a better magician!!!

Can’t make the date or time?  

Don’t worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus may be subject to change without prior notification

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Customer Reviews

Steven P

John packs so much content into this course, His section on the Pass was a particular favourite. These courses are a great investment. Thanks to John and All The Alakazam Team for bringing us these.

Glenn Ford

absoluteliy brilliant magic from carey great night. great magic

Adger Brown

Well that was a superb lesson in card magic, absolutely superb in every way, now looking forward to the coin course in December

Richard Groom

What a great course. So much great magic and from such a nice guy. Love all the little bits and pieces in between the tricks as well. All the advice is gold.

Kevin Bowman

I have to say that just like John's 'Zero to Hero' course, this course 'Commercial Card Magic' is just as excellent. Teaching is top notch. The tricks are fantastic, and with every sleight and nuance clearly explained. John is a thorough teacher. His courses are also fun, with great banter. I would highly recommend not only this course but john's other courses as well. A truly amazing evening well spent.

Richard Weston

If you are reading this review and it's not before or on the 14th Nov 2017, then you have just missed Mr. John Carey's second live Academy and boy what a miss. This is my 3rd or 4th Acadeny course and John is still by far my favourite teacher / mentor. Don't get me wrong, all of the Academy lecturers have been fantastic but in my opinion John's style and knowledge is second to none. Not only does he teach the Academy students, he draws out useful information from all present. He will then take a back seat for a bit and let, for example Mr. Peter Nardi explain how a particular move, word or even a gesture can influence how your audience perceive an effect. He will then pick straight back up and demo this particular technique. Laid back learning with so many great minds. Treat yourself, book a course. You will not believe what you don't know. Fantastic.

Mick Wilson

So, a first here, writing a review during an academy class. No it's not that boring, it's half time and Peter is giving stuff away, what more motivation do I need ha ha ha? In all seriousness though, this academy course is everything I KNEW it would be. I've seen John lecture a great many times and he never fails to amaze. Commercial is definitely the best description for the effects taught here. Each and every one of them is really easy to perform but packs one heck of a wallop, especially if you've listened to John's tips on performance. Remember, it's the little things that garner the bigger reactions. If you didn't purchase this course you really did miss out on some absolute gems in the effect AND tips/bits of business department. The inspiration the class is creating is very apparent in the chat feed window. Roll on 2nd half as this is gonna get better and better. At the risk of repeating myself from other reviews, this course IS Commercial Tap and goes all the way up to 11 for me. Many thanks for such a great academy class folks!

Tony H

A great course loving it. Its half way but cant wait for the second half cheers John.

Brian Stewart

Another cracking course from Alakazam and John Carey. We are halfway through and it has been amazing so far - lots of very powerful but reasonably easy to do tricks. 15 in total by the end and I will thoroughly enjoy looking back at them later. Great Academy courses and something every magician or budding magician should be signing up to. It's great that you only need to pick the courses that interest you. Can't wait for John's coin course next month.

John Kubiszewski

Simply JAW DROPPING magic shown and explained....Your questions answered on the spot..... You cant get this from a DVD that's why the online academy is a UNIQUE learning tool from your own armchair. So cheap too

Steve Black

John is a very engaging tutor with some fantastic routines.The balance is perfect between presentation and explanation. The information from the whole team on magicians choice was superb.The difficulty of the effects is also spot on. The only Academy I have missed was the Hero to Zero so am delighted this is being repeated.My advise is don't miss out on this superb resource. Professional and just brilliant. Well done guys !!

Tony Dawson

As always Alakazam are leading the way with with the online academy. John Carey constantly produces great effects and his explanations are clear and thought through, couple this with multi angle HD streaming, there is nothing like this anywhere. We becoming quite a community at 'The Academy' and the interaction between those in the studio and those online makes this a very enjoyable and worthwhile learning resource.

Steve Smith

Every trick and nuance is so well explained, along with additional thoughts and comments. This truly is the best experience in learning magic. Easily worth the price of admission.

Ian Schollar

This is a brilliant way to learn magic and John Carey is of course amazing. He is a great and natural teacher. Each step is easy to follow and he does it with such humour. The Academy Experience is quite literally like your own private tuition in the comfort of your own home so great for the environment. Don't hesitate just sign up as you will not regret it.

Paul Martin

This really is a fantastic way to learn magic. John continues to produce high class commercial magic that is easy to perform. I would recommend this to anyone.

Adger Brown

only half way through and have learnt so much, a great way to learn knowing i can review the lesson at any time. An excellent investment

Andre Van Tichelen

The zero to hero course was great... this one is even better.... so much easy tot do but all STUNNING card tricks. Some months ago i wondered what I would do with a pack of cards.... after this John Carey course i would wonder is i would do something without cards.... so much,.... so within reach of me (still consider myself as a beginning card magician...) Thanks a lot John and the Alakazam staff

Richard Weston

Hi all, below is a post for the first academy course from John Carey, (Zero To Hero) and if this course is half as good it will be a big mistake to miss. Knowing John, he will put 200% more effort into this one. I know I have signed up :) **************************************************** Hi, and thank you to all my fellow academysts, to everyone at Alakazam magic and to John Carey for what has been, in my opinion, an amazing magical first. Top class teaching, brilliant hosting, excellent camera work and not forgetting all the hard work from the back room team, has created a new style / way of teaching magic. Not only do you get a strong core and progressive teaching method, you also get ideas, banter, tips and help from some of the greatest magicians and fellow magic students around. Each week it feels like I am having a magic jam, in my own front room. The format and the way the course draws you into a relaxed, friendly and open place, where you can learn magic and make mistakes, without judgement, is just the best! Thank you all again, from a man who has a lot of watching and re-watching to do. This was a brilliant experience, rgds Rik.

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