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Symbol By Steve Cook

Symbol By Steve Cook
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Steve Cook has created a super slick ESP prediction. This awesome effect will fit neatly in your wallet and will fry any spectator!

Imagine placing a single envelope onto the table along with six coloured ESP cards. Your spectator is asked to roll an imaginary die, they can roll it as many times as they like, change the number as many times as they like and yet the ESP symbol related to the number will match your prediction in the envelope 100%

Symbol feels ultra-fair and is easy to do (absolutely no funny moves or sleight of hand required)

Everything you need to perform Symbol is contained in the pack including a full in depth training video with additional tips and handling by Peter Nardi

Symbol resets instantly and is perfect for both Mentalists and Magicians

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Customer Reviews

Andy M

Wow! What a great effect! One that I will carry with me all the time. I recently bought it and now I am rehearsing and practising... Not complicated, but worth every minute of practise. I love it!

Francis Clarke

Great trick that cannot fail, I would highly recommend. Love doing this one, Well done Alakazam magic and Steve Cook.

Burt Ebel

I love this effect and carry it everywhere. Well worth the money. Pure quality like everything Alakazam releases.

Jamie Weir

I use symbol with the badlands Bob box and Peter's dice presentation it's a total killer routine

Brian Clarke

I bought this at the Blackpool Convention over the weekend and I must admit I don't really like it. I LOVE IT!

Stephen Lovering

Fantastic ESP trick, I will be using this trick with my ProMystic dice

Michael Wilson

I'll be honest right off the bat, I let Symbol slide under my radar when it was released. More fool me! When Volition was released and the resulting astonishment it caused me, the penny suddenly dropped that I recognised the name of the creator so I looked it up. I bought this completely off the strength of Volition without even watching the demo, I was that confident and that confidence paid off. Symbol has that level of cheekiness that I love in effects, you know, the classic, 'it's staring the audience in the face' cheekiness. Magicians guilt of the best kind I feel. Like Volition, this is a walk in the park for any performer. Anybody not giving a killer performance with this needs to think again as the simplicity, like Volition, gives you all the room in the world for it. No sooner had I watched the performance, I was inspired with regards to one element of the handling, not the effect, the props. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with Steve at Blackpool. If it's worthy, I'm more than happy for my thoughts to be shared here for the owners of the effect. I recommend this very highly indeed folks. Don't make the mistake I made and let it pass you by.


Was lucky enough to have a personal demo from Steve himself. Wow! Very clever and packs a punch. Mentalism at its best. Great effect, highly recommended.

Si Peddle

''This is an absolute must for anyone! It can be neatly carried on you all the time and is great for working into walk around or just something spontaneous. Amazing reactions, this can really freak people out. It is so clean and there is no way people will notice the secrets. A must buy!

Adrian Shattock

So simple and so effective. I watched the DVD and was straight away using it, very clever outs. Ive been checking out packet tricks and this is exactly the sort of thing I wanted, a card trick that doesnt look like a card trick.

Stephane Schoetens

Very nice and colorful props. Surely long lasting if properly used and stored. Very attractive and eye-catching. Little pocket space but great reactions when well presented. I like the story of the color and shape psychology used in shopping industry to present the props. Nothing difficult to remember. Very happy with this trick which is worth the money paid for. Top deal. Buy it.


I was very excited when this arrived in the post. It's a great concept and seriously easy to perform. However, upon performing this to my wife the first thing she did when I revealed the prediction card is to grab it and turn it over. I won't go into the details here but this is not what you want your spectator to do. I also performed it to my kids and they did the same thing. The other downside is that when you get the inevitable "do it again!" you actual can't perform it more than once to the same person or they will almost certainly figure out how it's done (as proven by my 6 year old son). Still a good effect but feel a little let down to be honest.

Christian Fisanick

Symbol is a super ingenious "guess the ESP card in the envelope routine." It reminded me of a Max Maven routine from one of his Video Mind DVDs--and indeed part of the working is similar. (I think that one might be called Symbol too.) But Steve Cook's layering of a couple of old methods will completely baffle lay people and totally fry magicians/mentalists. I've not seen such a clever use of this particular "old wine in new bottles." For the price, with the colorful, nicely made cards and routine, it's a steal.

Michael Reist

This is cleverly designed. I have used multiple out effects before, but this is so clean and so logical. None of the outs look weaker than the other. I used this last night and the reactions were incredible. Highly recommended.

Steven Walsh

Been looking for ESP routine.Symbol is brilliant.Well made , 100 per cent outcome,no worries.Great for walk around. Buy Now.

Steve Justice

Fantastic.....this is my first purchase as I have only just started getting into magic. As a absolute beginner I found this a dream to perform. The DVD is so so easy to follow.. Thanks a lot to the Alakazam team.

Alan Lycett

Thanks to the team for instant dispatch of my order I am a little late to the party with this effect been holding off ordering with good reason, as Ronnie Hay mentions in his review when coupled with a couple of promystic items, in my case a dice and an esp cube which have recently arrived I knew it was time to order Symbol The effect just as it is very very good and am very pleased with it, the dvd is well done and indeed Peter mentions how cool it would be to use a Promystic or I cube device on the dvd. So as a stand alone effect as I mention it is a killer but with a bit of thought you can add a few phases to it and extend it from being a 2 minute killer to a 7/8 minute mind blower. So thank you Mr Cook and Mr Nardi for releasing this effect. By the way Peter love the look of your wallet puts mine to shame So just to re cap you do not need any additional items to perform this effect it is an excellent trick in it`s own right, and gives you the capacity to add to it. Very clever and entertaining effect.

Paul Craven

A pure gem. This is a magical effect that is so much better than just a 'trick.' I carry it in my wallet and have used it for close-up and parlour purposes. It is the kind of magic that allows you to focus all your attention as a performer on connecting to your audience through good communication and rapport. Thank you Steve and Alakazam.

Paul Callan

Love this trick that I got today, this will be in my pocket the whole time ready to perform anywhere

Steven Montgomery

Excellent trick that is easy to do with an instant reset. Powerful reveal, especially when used with a Z wallet!

Steve Dela

WOW! - I was blown away when I saw this performed for the first time and blown away even more by the very 'sound' method. It looks too good to be true! I'm getting amazing reactions from this. I give symbol my highest recommendation.

Mark Call

If you are looking for a REAL WORKER that blows people away... look no further! I did this for my wife 5 minutes after opening the package and it blew her away. With the additional routines and tips from Peter - you will ALWAYS have new ideas and applications. This is now my GO TO effect when someone says "Show me a trick'! A+++

Gary Pearce

Easy to do , amazing reactions , in my wallet all the time now

Chris North

Great effect - Well done Steve and Alakazam, very straightforward and the reveal is excellent and well thought out, if you buy it, make sure you look at Peter's bonus handling on the web site, well worth the effort!

David Abel

Really happy I purchased this. So clever, simple, powerful, strong. This is something that will definitely be with me and ready to use all the time. And the usual great support that goes with it as a bonus.

Stuart Montgomery

Excellent effect with quality props. This is one I'll use...a lot! So easy to perform...leaving all the concentration on the presentation. Love it!

Arne Cato Antonsen

This is a killer trick....

Ian Barradell

Beautifully produced and scripted piece of close-up mentalism. Easy to do. Strong reactions. Steve is a genius!!

Luke Keteleers

Bloody brilliant!!!! So simple yet so clever. Best ESP routine on the market! Strongly recommended.

Keith Williams

Purchased this recently and certainly not disappointed. A great effect. The spectator assumes they have a choice of six ESP symbols imagining a rolled dice and the reaction at the end is " How on earth did you know I would choose that one? A really good effect with a brilliant DVD explaining everything clearly by Peter Nardi and the Alakazam team. So simple to do.Top Marks. One of the better ESP effects.

Ronnie Hay

Ha, this is a great little packet trick and works wonders with a lot of the pro mystic products that i own too ..

Sarah Stott

This is a killer trick - it takes practically no time to learn, instantly resets and gets really great reactions. The performance is always as clean as shown in the video - with a reveal from one envelope that is on the table from the very beginning. I love it! :)

Steve Black

Got this today and am not disappointed. High quality props and instruction combined with a superb routine makes this an excellent product.I have to say that Alakazam are one of the few companies that NEVER disappoint with a release.Roll on to the next one!!


This is very easy to do, a great little trick that gets good reactions!


I bought this effect yesterday and I am extremely pleased I did so. This effect simple and yet, still packs a punch sure to fry the spectator every time. I could not recommend this higher. C Martin.

Steve Lobley

This is a great solution to the choose a sign type trick. This has gone straight into my wallet. I love the fact that all outcomes are strong. Plus as we have come to expect from the "A" team you get options and loads of detail. Impromptu and commercial what more could you ask for. Great quality at a great price...

Geoff Lucas

SYMBOL, by Steve Cook and Alakazam. This is one of my favourite purchases for predicting an ESP Symbol. You get everything you need to stun your audience. The specially printed ESP cards are top quality. The method is so clever, i had to keep doing this over and over to myself. In effect, a lovely very strong rouitne with beautiful cards and DVD instructions with Peter Nardi at the helm. I also liked the fact you get an option of ending totally clean with the two extra cards, but i found its not necessary, but cool to have the choice. Not overpriced either. Carry this with you, and you will get great reactions. 5 star rating

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