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Tackling Terrifying Taboos 2 Instant Download

Tackling Terrifying Taboos 2 Instant Download
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If you thought the first ‘Taboos’ was scary… wait until you see what we have in store this year!

Following the huge success of the 2017 Alakazam Academy course, ‘Tackling Terrifying Taboos', we are back with Taboos 2 a two day Academy course. Bigger, scarier and with more jumps than ever before!

Building and expanding on what was taught in the first course, we will re-visit the things from last year with added idea’s and developments.

Following on, we are going to delve into the history books and look at some texts and teachings from years gone past. Make books fall from shelves, watch as a newspaper strangely and mysteriously folds on its own accord and discover how vaudeville performers would conduct dark séances and use Ouija boards to contact the dead.

We will discuss ‘spirit theatre’ and setting the scene. Even in a close up situation, it is easy to set the mood if you know how.

From hypnotic language to theatrical suspense, we will teach you all you need to know to perform bizarre magic!

In the prop section, we’ll be showing you how to age props and the techniques I have used to create some of the props I make. Tarnishing metal, creating cracked watch faces and creating realistic aged newspaper articles, we will even show you how to make an interesting self-ringing spirit bell! And let’s not forget the doll!

Throughout we will have tons of fully formed routines and effects from the well-known and much loved Dark Series, to some new creations in which you allow your spectators to actually summon spirits and provide evidence, let your spectators see through the eyes of a deceased victim and even make clowns appear in a photo from a borrowed phone. I will even cover, in depth for the first time, my handling of PK Touches and discuss PK effects in general. With brand new, never before seen effects, your spectators will be gathering around to hear your dark tales!

So if you have ever wanted to explore the dark side of magic and wanted a comprehensive look into bizarre magic, this year’s two day Tackling Terrifying Taboos will have you hooked on horror!

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Customer Reviews


Just got through TTT2 and wow. EIGHT HOURS of video, tons of routines, ideas and a whole lot of great stuff. Great job to Jamie and everyone involved.

Adam Dadswell

Absolutely brilliant academy from Jamie. Personal highlight for me - PK touches. Jamie’s tips on this and different applications are fantastic - bravo sir!

Adam Dadswell

Absolutely brilliant academy from Jamie. Personal highlight for me - PK touches. Jamie’s tips on this and different applications are fantastic - bravo sir!

Michael Kelly

I'm running a day behind due to work shift timings and have only just finished watching the first day's course yet, I still have tonight's instalment to watch. But already it has been priceless. There is so much practical material and effects packed in, advice on presentation, even discussion of how to speak in such a manner as to draw people in. The first day's video is almost four hours long and has been worth far more than the price of admission. I'll keep referring back to this for a long time to come. Really looking forward to catching up with day 2 tomorrow. If there's a Taboos 3, I'll be signed up without any hesitation. I'd have paid the price for 'The Chased' alone.

Johnathon Breckin

The whole two nights were organised very well with a good mixture of discussions and magic and mentalism. The in depth way that Jamie explained not only the technique but how to present each trick and execute in a way to engage your target audience. The making of props opened so many opportunities that I certainly hadn't thought of. The input over the two nights with Harry ,Peter and Sarah was a important mix to make it a success . Well worth the amount paid and look forward to the next one

Mark Doetsch

Wow, Day 2 is fantastic! The Bloody Mary Mirror alone, is worth the price of admission! Plus Jamie's work on the PK Touches is brilliant! This lecture is a must have if you're into spooky magic! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Anthony Wighton

The first night was amazing, tonight has been even more so. Jamie's take on PK touches is worth it's weight in gold. If you are into the dark side then tihis is a must have. Absolutely worth the money and more. Top marks


HOLY CRAP!!! Day 1 was awesome but day 2 - my God - unbelievable. Absolutely brilliant in every sense of the word. PK Touches - WOW!!! More than covers the cost of the course. Guys, just buy this course. I was a doubter, but now I’m a believer. Hail Jamie Daws - you’ve taken me to the dark side for good.

Terry Tyson

Day Two One might not think it was possible, but Day Two is better than Day One. PK touches, Bloody Mary Mirror...and on and on. The price of this Academy course is paid for many times with just the PK touch techniques, tips and guidance. Do yourself a favor and get this. NOW.

Terry Tyson

Once again, we are treated to Jamie Daws' unique brand of magick. The thinking is beyond just method, but gets into the staging and scripting of spooky, often dark material...the material that the public LOVES! Learned some good stuff on night #1, looking forward to more wonders on night #2. Highly recommended for ANY performer who wishes to toss in a few scares or just heavy material now and then.

Anthony Wighton

It's Jamie Daws, enough said. Get this now!!

Paul Frost

Another fantastic Academy course by the guys at Alakazam and the genius that is Jamie Daws. I have loved every second of the first night of the course. I have learned so much tonight, the knowledge gained tonight far outweighs the cost of the course. Can’t wait for night 2.

Danny Marsh

Wow...I'm normally a card guy. But seriously there's so much on performance and presentation. Plus the tricks are outstanding. Plus the make on spirit slates saves you the entire cost of the course on it's own.

Brian Stewart

I loved Jamie's Academy last year and this one is just as good. I love spooky magic and Jamie is a master of the art and a great storyteller as well. He also gives easy to follow instructions for making your own props and ageing. What's not to love about this Academy course. Well done Jamie and as usual all the great folk at Alakazam.

Kevin Peel

Loving it so far. Looking forwards to the second half..and part two tomorrow.

Mark Doetsch

I'm glad Jamie is back with a second year of Tackling Terrifying Taboos! I enjoyed it last year and this year is off to a great start. The DIY Spirit Slates look great and easy to make. I absolutely love the last trick before the break! I really hope Jamie releases this effect! I am looking forward to the rest of the lecture...

Steve Smith

Another success for the Academy as it continues to grow in different directions. Jamie Daws teaches brand new ways of presenting existing concepts, along with in depth instruction to making professional looking props. Clear and concise, this is yet another course that can take you in a different direction along with much guidance to your own performance techniques.

Paul Cunningham

Having purchased his Dark Series effects, I knew that Tackling TerrifyingTaboos 2 would not disappoint. The information covered is priceless! Great job Jamie!

Andrew Ace

Jamie and the Alakazam crew have outdone themselves. This is my second year, and it is better-bigger- more jam packed then ever. Excellent presentations, learning how to properly go about story telling, aging props, adding props to existing effects. I have been journaling as the course goes on alongside the chat of the great community of AlakazamFam. Add this to your cart before the day is done and make it tomorrow if you missed today, you can watch them later too at your own conveinece. This had made me a better mentalist in less purchases of effects (except Alakazam, and Jamie's effects of course haha) but I used to buy everything that was out until I went broke, since last year I took year 1 of Tackling Terrifying Taboos1 - and since then I have maybe placed 3-5 orders over the year. Jamie has given me the ability to appreciate storytelling, props, aged props versus technology (unless you choose to add a bit of that) so it is similar to songwriting as a musician / recording studio owner for my 26 years. I have focused on the bizarre and mentalism effects I chose to work with, and am taking all Jamie's ideas into consideration of how to go about performances as most people rely on the props. Jamie even goes into an OBAMA impression to compare how FEAR and Silence are key components of deception. Learn More and see for yourself by clicking "add to cart"!. This lecture is still on going and the fun has just begun. Dont miss it before it's too late! Jamie, Sarah, Peter, Harry, Dave, Andy & To the whole Crew - a HUGE Thank You. See you after the break! Happy Hauntings - Andrew

Scott Clark

Jamie has done it again, Some great information and insight. the board alone, is worth the money. For the amount of money you can save. I do happen to know a framer, so I can have a real wooden frame. Some great ideas and list of books to read. Damm you Jamie you are my new magic weakness,.

Mick Wilson

Lordy, lordy, write a review he said, for a chance to win a prize, Cheers Peter 'Mission: Impossible' Nardi! Ok, so we're only half way through the first night of this years TTT course and I can honestly say I've had my moneys worth already. I sincerely mean that hand on heart. A routine containing ridiculously simple methods but resulting in a super strong confabulation climax to get the course started and finishing with a piece that is so devious that I don't know if I like or despise Jamie and he's deceptive mind. Oh, mustn't forget, all attendees now know how to have really awesome spirit slates for next to nothing. This is truly worth worth every last penny of the asking price folks and that's just from the first 2 hours, we've another night and a half to go yet. BUY IT!

Colin Stainton

First off, I had no intention to buy this academy course. I just didn’t think it was for me. I really wanted to learn Jamie’s PK Touches but not for nearly £40. So I dismissed it altogether. That was until I pressed the free 20-minute link. As the seconds ticked by I was hooked more and more and, as Peter said the free session was finishing, I just had to buy it and I’m so pleased I did. Honestly, it’s wicked it so many ways. Well worth the money guys and a brilliant academy Jamie.

Phill Evans

So I did Taboos last year and had to come back for more. Whether spooky magic is your thing or not, there's so much here to help you develop story-telling magic. The effects & routines so far have been brilliant and the advice and insights worth their weight in gold. Jamie's aged props look amazing and he's going to be sharing his secrets. Highly recommended.

Richard Groom

Day 1 and I’m loving it already. I am a bit of a Jamie fanboy and as this stuff is just never covered elsewhere I can only give it my highest recommendation. The other thing that people might not understand is that you have some leading lights in the mentalist/bizarre scene chipping in with great advice as well. Priceless.

Steve Black

I love this type of magic and Jamie is a fantastic teacher. The effects are fantastic and the information valuable and worth the cost of the course. I cannot believe that this is only half way through the first day. The DIY is simple and the instruction easy to follow. The production values are fantastic as usual .Highly recommended . Well done guys !!

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