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BIP Book 2.0 By Scott Creasey

BIP Book 2.0 By Scott Creasey

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"If it was any cleaner, the pages would be blank. Brilliant Idea, Perfect." - Wayne Dobson

**BIP 2.0 Now comes complete with in-depth training video!

This custom-manufactured book will instantly become part of your working repertoire, ideal for walk-around, table-hopping or parlor and will even play for stage! 

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Customer Reviews

Leslie Lawrenson

There are so many more things that you can do with little book than Mr Nardi demonstrates on his very useful video! I use the number-force to find a predicted card, in a variation on the ACAAN routine. This is a very neat collection of forces that can be put to some very creative uses.

Burt Ebel

Genus, brilliant, outstanding, a perfect piece of mentalism which you can carry in your pocket. It packs small but plays big, very big. May be performed close-up, stage, and parlor.

Jason Friskey

The closest thing to a perfect piece of mentalism I have seen and it fits in your pocket. Use it any time, anywhere and in any situation. One of the great things about this little book is it's versatility. There is no writing, or switching or any funny business, just you, your spectators and this little innocent book. You can choose to present it in a variety of way's. It all comes down to situation and your imagination. You can perform it to one person or many people. You can choose how much to reveal. The book as others have noted doesn't seam to be put together well but it seams pretty strong to me and feels good in the hand. Even if the binding starts coming off the staples aren't going anywhere. I believe the idea here was to make it look realistic and not like a magicians prop. I think a little wear on it will help its authenticity. If you perform any type of mentalism and you are reading this right now you should stop and just put it in your cart. You won't regret it. This is awesome! I give it 6 Stars.

Rhino Roberts

Fantastic little book. I've been using this for about a year and is one of those effects I hear people talking about months after they've seen me perform this. I always have this in my pocket and so should every magician. I just love performing this, easy to learn.

Stephane Schoetens

Very nice and colorful LITTLE book. Takes little pocket space and looks very official/military. Be careful when you store the booklet; torn or ripped pages would ruin the effect. I tell the spectator that the book was used in AREA 51 and that I could buy one from an employee who has retired. It is top secret and very strange... I then do some tests with the spectator. Very versatile and different gimmick. Great deal for the money. Get it!

Paul Forster

This is my first review of any magical item ever. I just had to say what I think. I had the routine down in about a day. It's that easy. I have used it in my walk around set at a big party. To say it killed is an understatement. The fact you can include a few people in this routine is fantastic. People absolutely loved this, the reactions were the best i've had for any routine. No heat on the book as once you use it you put it away. A real, real worker. Buy it now if you do mentalism. It is a real gem of an item.

Peter Rees

OMG... what a brilliant set of effects!!! Close up, 1-2-1, one to several, stage, dinner parties. Outstanding, This is going in. The concepts will fit in and fill out so many add on & expanded mentalism effects. THANK YOU.

James Ward

This effect is in a word perfect. The best magic is simple and to the point and the B.I.P. book is it.

Steve Roberts

What a massive impact for such a little book. A great easy to do mind reading, I used this within a few days of purchasing it and it was the talk of the night. I will always have this in my pocket. A must for every magician!


I've only recently started performing magic but I have to say that this is getting great reactions for me - especially when performed to 4 or 5 people at the same time. Going to each in person and revealing their chosen number or whatever just seems to build and build the group reaction! And it's so easy to perform!

Michael Paterson

This is a must buy! Just wish they named the effect something else as a google search reveals it straight away :(

Steven Holt

I love this little book. I had it when it first came out. Back then I didn't even know who Alakazam were. Scary! I've been looking for a nice change away from card tricks for a while, & this does the trick pardon the pun. You can easily do this on several people & get each one to look at a bit of different information each. Then take it from there. Because I'm in contact with several people at a time on a daily basis, & people know I do magic, I like to try & involve as many people as I can so people aren't left out, this fits the bill. It's a nicely made prop. Me personally, I prefer an old fashion instructional dvd in stead of a streaming video. I can see why streaming videos are being used more so these days. You will get a lot of mileage from this well made little prop. It'll take up hardly any pocket space what so ever as well. I can't recommend this enough. If you get several people looking at different information each, you will baffle people with this if presented right. It's good to get away from card tricks for a while & try something different. This is different. S.Holt

Stuart Montgomery

Can't agree more with Wayne Dobson... Perfect! Clean, very easy to perform, very easy to master, leaving you to concentrate on the performance! Plus... if you have the equally excellent Cataclysm you'll love the little extra!!! This (and Cataclysm) aren't just one effect... they're several if you use imagination! rnrnStuart.

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