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The Business By Romanos

The Business By Romanos

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Imagine removing your business cards from your case and handing one to your spectator. The rest of the cards are placed back and your spectator is asked to draw an image (or write a word) on their card. When they are ready they slip the card into the case in amongst the other business cards. All this happens while your head is turned. You now close the case and put it in your pocket. THE JOB IS DONE!! At this point you are now ready to reveal the word or drawing. You are truly going to love performing The Business and the method is going to amaze you!

Each Business Package comes with
Custom manufactured Gimmicked Business Card Case
Matching Un-gimmicked Business Card Case
Cloth Bag For The Case
Full Instructional DVD

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Customer Reviews

James Ward

All I will say is John Cornelius would be proud. Be it magic or mentalism you owe yourself to get this.

Philip Jenkins

I really like this. The method is very clever and the gimmick should last for years.

Matthew Gill

One of the most deceptive peek devices I've ever seen! The extra layer of placing the card in the middle of a stack of business cards in the case is the icing on the cake leaving people with no clue. I've showed this to other magicians and they also had no idea. Highly recommended!

Giles Saunders

A great effect which utilises an everyday prop. The DVD is very well filmed with excellent explanations and ideas. So many possibilities with this. Well done!

Steve Cook

'The Business' by Romanos is probably the most natural, innocent and sure-fire peeking device in decades! My congrats' to Romanos for a beautiful concept, and to Peter Nardi for having the foresight to realise its potential. A superb piece of kit! Any discerning mentalist should not hesitate to buy this, because in my opinion, it's way too cheap at £40! Very highly recommended!

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