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The Gordon Diary Trick Lite

The Gordon Diary Trick Lite

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**Please note this is the Lite version which comes with the DVD and Crib only and does not include the printed diary. The Lite version is perfect for anyone who would like to make their own diary in any language

The Gordon diary trick is in our opinion the best diary effect ever and the great news is you can perform it with absolutely no memory work at all! 

The Gordon Diary Trick has long been a favourite with the pros. Gaining recognition from some of magic’s great performers

NICK EINHORN "I regularly use the Gordon Diary in my close-up work. It provides one of the strongest reactions to anything I perform. It hits people on an entirely different level to other tricks they see. Highly recommended." 

JAMY IAN SWISS (Genii) "The Gordon Diary Trick is a superb addition to the diary genre!"

PHIL WILLMARTH (The Linking Ring) "The very best diary trick ever!" 

ALAN SHAXON "I use Paul Gordon's Diary Trick on a regular basis. It's wonderful." 

ROGER CROSTHWAITE "Paul Gordon's Diary Trick is excellent. Wonderful magic and wonderful mentalism." 

ALDO COLOMBINI "If ever there was a mentalism startler, Paul Gordon's Diary Trick is it. Bravo!" 

The Gordon Diary Trick is an effect you will perform regularly. It’s easy to do yet, gets amazing reactions!  

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Customer Reviews

David Williams

OK so, I buy (almost) all my magic from Alakazam and have never been disappointed with anything that I have bought. Alakazam are quite simply THE BEST. But this one has left me in the dark. I purchased the Lite version of this simply because I like hand written diaries over printed, I think they look more genuine. My problem is that the crib card simply does not work. Now, I HAVE to be wrong about that and I am 100% certain that it does. So, either it does not work or the explanation on the video about how to create your own diary using the crib card as a guide is badly explained. The third option is that I am a little dumb and after many play throughs of the video both myself and my two sons cannot follow the explanation correctly. I put my hands up to maybe being slow to grasp this. We are all degree educated and know how to tie a necktie, so we can't be that bad. SO. I would strongly suggest that you buy the version WITH the diary. Alakazam remain my favourite seller but this one for me is frustrating.

James Horwood

Great product and really REALLY easy to use. The crib means there is NO memory work required...literally. However I will perform mine without the crib and even then the skill required is SUPER simple. Well constructed and very good instructional DVD.

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