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The Dual Control Revisited with Michael Vincent

The Dual Control Revisited with Michael Vincent

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The Dual Control gimmick has been synonymous with seemingly impromptu suspensions and close up animations for many years but in recent years has been overlooked by many modern day performers....Until now!!
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Customer Reviews

Neil Colley

Brought this after viewing trailer on warlock DVD what a great little gimmick think this will always be in my jacket now as you can do some great impromptu stuff with it I am new to magic and only had one gig but this will be a valuable addition to my arsenal as easy to use and a great opener!

Barry Allen

I truly fell in love with 'Dual Control' when I saw it demmed by Alan Alan over 30 years ago in his Holborn shop. It is one of the few effects that during my magical life time (as also related by Michael Vincent on the DVD) actually left me cold in complete and utter amazement. Alan Alan demmed it at the time so that people would buy 'The Art of Close Up Magic Vol 1- - and he sold this book in great numbers. I still treasure the copy that my Dad subsequently bought me. GO forward to the mid-1990's and Vic Pinto put Dual Control out on video - with Alan Alan and Patrick Page outlining the effect. Now jump forward to the present day - and you NOW have the DEFINITE source to learn this wonderful effect from. So getting on to the DVD. Firstly, I really enjoyed the history of the effect - there were a few bits and pieces that I hadn't heard about before; and It's great to see that acknowledgements are duly given to all those involved with the popularity of this excellent gimmick. Michael Vincent and Chris Harding take you through the entire manufacture of Dual Control - including a new idea whereby the necessary is looped through the sleeve. This is a major advancement on the old system for setting up - it makes it much easier for the 'get ready'. This is demonstrated by Chris who, having never used the gimmick before, easily manages to 'get on with it'. You are then taken through a number of routines including - the levitating spoon (the trick that fooled Gellar), Acrobatic Pencils, Magnetised Cards and The Rising Cards (that can be done using a borrowed pack). Michael gave some EXCELLENT COMMERCIAL ADVICE worth it's weight in gold for using this gimmick as your opener at a table. In my honest opinion, and for 'a worker', this advice alone is worth TEN TIMES what the DVD costs. All of the aforementioned effects are explained in great depth by Michael - this is some of the best instruction that I've had the pleasure to watch for a very long time (certainly since the days of Pat Page). I was a little surprised that Michael didn't include 'The Rising Matchbox Drawer' on the DVD - but for those purchasing it, just bear in mind that it works in a similar fashion to the card rise. There is also a great clip of Alan Alan using Dual Control - filmed during a live spot on stage at The Magic Circle - it was pretty emotional to see the 'old boy' performing again in his own, inimitable style - as this guy did so much to help me when I was a youngster starting out in magic. I'd give this product 9.9/10. The only slight gripe that I have is that you only get enough of the necessary to make up one gimmick. THIS IS AN EFFECT THAT YOU WILL USE - so to this end, you will want one in every jacket that you have - suit or casual! You really won't want to leave home without it. For the few pennies it must cost........come on guys - put at least enough in to make up a couple of gimmicks. Alternatively, sell 'the necessary' as a top up pack so that we don't have to source Ebay and end up buying yards of stuff that we will never need! Summing up: This gimmick IS truly a worker - it WILL NOT end up gathering dust in your drawer. This is the nearest you will EVER get to instant magic with literally ANY borrowed item. The production quality of the DVD is EXCELLENT - well done Alakazam, Michael Vincent & Chris Harding - you've done this little miracle proud.

Andrew Webb

As with all Alakazam products this is well shot, and goes into great detail on how to build and position the gimmick, as well as the actual use and performance of it as well. Included with the DVD are all the bits needed to create the gimmick, and it will take you about 5-10 minutes to put together (I now have one in each of my 4 jackets!). If you run out of the bits, all are available on the high street. Alan Alan's performance is also included on the DVD, as well as the updated handlings and performances of magnetic pencil/chopsticks, cards, floating fork and a truely wonderful rising card from borrowed deck. Chris Harding does an excellent job of using the gimmick for the first time though the DVD, showing you just how easy it is to get on with from scratch. Can't recommend this enough, an old classic, brought to life through the teaching of Michael Vincent.

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