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The Experiment Behind the Scenes by Franz Harary

The Experiment Behind the Scenes by Franz Harary
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Join Franz as he gives you a live unscripted play by play commentary of his record breaking illusion spectacle, Mega Magic. Shot with home-movie style intimacy, this behind the scenes glimpse into Franz's unique world reveals what it's like to create and star in your own illusion show. 

All recorded in real time, by Franz Harary, LIVE, as he performs it on stage

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Customer Reviews

Phill Evans

I loved this DVD as it was something completely different from anything I've seen before. Franz has two mics, one for performance and the other to give a running commentary on the show from his perspective. He talks about the illusions, his ideas, developments, challenges, etc but also his presentation and thoughts/preparations as he goes through the show. We see back stage and all the elements that go into producing and presenting a large scale stage show. I liked Franz style. He was friendly and engaging and I felt he genuinely wanted the viewer to get an insight into his world on stage. Great price too. Well done Dave Loosely for spotting this and bringing it to the Alakazam community

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